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Exploring ideas for new flooring? This might just be the flooring inspiration you’re looking for!

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Mid Century Modern Home

It feels like it’s been an eternity since buying our California Mid Century Modern home (3 ½ years ago). We have made so many changes along the way including the backyard makeover, the bathroom remodel, Charlie’s bedroom, Claire’s room, and my office, but I finally feel like we’re crossing the finish line. It’s been such a joy sharing all our remodel and interior updates with all of you! But even with all of those changes, this last update might just be the icing on the cake!   


We initially added white VCT tile when we moved in, but it never really fully felt like home to me. I always felt like something was missing…and then I realized it was the floor! I craved warmth and familiarity and I could never get used to the white floor. 


How to Choose Flooring

As I started to think about new flooring, I heard great things about Select Surfaces and always saw it at Sam’s Club when I would check out the flooring options. I heard they were coming out with a brand new spill defense line of their laminate collection, so I got some samples to see what it would look like at home! At the same time, I had so much fun looking through the gallery on the Select Surfaces website featuring other homes with their flooring. It was really helpful to look at these photos for ideas – the perfect way to find inspiration in our own home!



New Flooring Ideas 

There were so many colors that looked gorgeous in our home – it was so so difficult to pick. We ended up ordering samples of the Cocoa Walnut, Country Maple, Smoked Hickory, and Toffee for our home and placed it in various rooms during different times of the day to see how it would look when the light hit it. I have always been drawn to lighter colors but after having white floors, I also wanted to make sure that it would hide dirt (hello 2 kids and a puppy!). Plus, with the Spill Defense features, it’s a dream come true. The flooring is waterproof for 24 hours. It’s engineered with a tighter locking joint than regular laminate and has no problem withstanding every day spills. It’s made in Germany, complete with the Speedloc Installation System, and it has an attached foam backer, which means there’s no need for additional underlay.  

It took us 2 months of playing with the samples to pick Country Maple. Seriously, that’s how great they all were – it took us that long to decide! You really can’t go wrong with any color. But the Country Maple was definitely the winner for our home as it’s not too light or too dark, creating the perfect balance.


New Laminate Flooring

We had the floor installed and it was love at first sight! We had a local Sacramento contractor, Nick Schwindt, do the install for us. It was our second time working with him, and we can’t say enough great things about his work. Our real estate agent referred him to us years ago, and we never looked back!



I STILL cannot get over the new flooring. It’s perfect! For the first time since moving in, our house finally feels like home! I cannot say enough great things about the floor. My only regret was not putting it in sooner! It’s truly amazing how much flooring can transform your entire home. We’ve texted our friends and family photos and texts have been flooded with compliments like “Can’t believe how much it warms up the space!” and “It looks so good” and the list goes on. It has made such a difference in uplifting our home and it’s literally making my spirit bright! I can hardly wait to celebrate our first Christmas together with our new floors. 

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