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Homemade Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies

Do you remember eating iced animal crackers as a kid? I certainly do. The nostalgic taste of an animal cracker covered in pink or white icing and topped with just the right amount of confetti sprinkles brings back the tastiest of childhood memories. If you can relate to the fun of eating Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies as a kid then you will be happy to see this recipe for Vanilla Sugar Animal Cookies with Royal Icing from Dessert First. While nothing will quite take the place of that special taste from the past, these cookies are as close as you might get. A simple sugar cookie dough will get you started. A few cookie cutters, some royal icing and some colored sprinkles later and you will be having flashbacks of your younger days. And if you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying these fun little cookies as a kid it’s never too late to start! This is definitely a tradition worth sharing!

Photo Credit: Dessert First

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