The Superbowl is officially right around the corner, and we can’t wait! Whether you’ve followed your favorite teams all season, or you’re just along for the great food and great laughs, the Superbowl is a yearly event we don’t miss! And this year’s game is bound to be one for the books, whether you’re a football lover or not.

We had so much fun putting together a few simple last minute ideas for your own Superbowl party. We had a blast creating a funky, colorful theme that any party goer can enjoy. Sometimes, it’s not just about which team we’re repping and who’s winning. It’s about a great party with so many fantastic people!


We started with a fun, bright backdrop to dress up the space. Whether you’re creating a focal point, or simply adding a festive touch to the room, your friends will love taking group photos in front of your creative back drop! We used a bright red paper garland, paired with funky, round honeycomb lanterns in multiple bright colors.

We used honeycomb decorations throughout the rest of the room as well. Don’t worry about it being overly coordinated. Have fun with different sizes and textures and move things around until you love the way it looks!


Be sure to offer up great food at your party. After all, some people only come for that! Use slider buns for simple mini meat and cheese sandwiches. We embellished our sandwiches with honeycomb paper toothpicks to match our theme!

Serve up snack foods like soft pretzels – perfect to go with a glass of beer, or cream soda. Make these from scratch using a very simple recipe, or go for the store-bought version, but be sure to have plenty of great dipping sauces to pair with them for all of your fans! We made a simple Honey Mustard Sauce by mixing equal parts yellow mustard and honey and mixed it in plastic mustard dispensers for a fun touch.
Add items like popcorn and chocolate donut holes the mix as well for those with a sweet tooth. We crafted these cute DIY paper serving cones to make finger foods so much easier! Simply use colored paper that coordinates with your theme, and roll it up to form a cone. Tape the edges to secure your food, and have fun serving a variety of foods in a fun, easy way.
  drinks rootbeer wine
Be sure to offer up plenty of drink options for your guests, and serve them in fun glasses! We had so much fun shopping through the NFL Homegating Collection find the perfect pieces for our party. This amazing collection will help take your party to a whole new level with everything from serving trays to glassware to blankets – all items you and your guests will love season after season.

nfl-party football

Add in fun accessories like party hats and headbands for your guests to enjoy. But most importantly, have fun with it! The Superbowl is the highlight event of the year for so many. Don’t allow yourself to get stressed out hosting a party like this one – it’s all about having a great time with your friends. Stick to simple, fun decorations, simple recipes, and fantastic drinks! A little will go a long way!

PS. You can also view this post from Best Friends For Frosting on Redbook Magazine!
Styling: Denell Pepin
Photography for Best Friends For Frosting: Megan Belanger

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