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I had the pleasure of speaking to an amazing woman named Kim, who is a driver-partner in Los Angeles. As the single mother to a beautiful little girl with special needs, Kim needed a job that would allow her to choose her own hours. As a result of a demanding school and therapy schedule for her daughter, Uber was the perfect solution. After working in the fashion industry her whole life, she knew she needed to be able to make her own hours in order to take care of her daughter. Being able to keep a flexible work schedule is exactly what she needed in able to work around her daughter’s schedule.


Kim told me, “As a mom, it has been a god-send to be honest. My life is about my daughter and it has been since she was born, especially when she became ill at 15 months old. Six days a week she has therapy and school; she is my primary goal. Uber has allowed me to not have to get a full-time job and be able to take her to school and therapy on my own.” Because the app is so easy to use and is so accessible to everyone, it has changed the way people are getting from each destination.┬áKim said, “The biggest thing I love about Uber is that it has changed the way people are traveling. They aren’t driving drunk anymore, it is such an amazing benefit.” She also said she loves picking up people after they have been partying; they are the most fun! Because no ride is ever the same, Kim never gets bored and is always energized and entertained by her passengers.


Even more amazing, the Australian mother was hand-picked by Uber to speak before City Council in regards to allowing the company to pick up travelers from LAX airport! Becoming a driver-partner allows you to learn even more about your city than you could have imagined. Not only can you make extra money for the holidays, but you truly can become your own boss. This amazing single mother explained how becoming a driver-partner can change your life in such a positive way. We are seriously inspired by her! Becoming a partner is not only great for those who want a flexible schedule, but also for those who want to socialize more and make extra money for the holiday season. Check out the details for becoming a driver-partner here.


The post was sponsored by Uber.

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