Feeling a bit pessimistic? It happens to the best of us. Help kick that state of mind with these few tips that are sure to have you looking at the proverbial glass as half full, not half empty! Surround-Yourself-BFFF-Quote

This can make a world of difference! Print out or write encouraging quotes and tack them up where you’ll see them most: your dashboard, bathroom mirror, or fridge door. Encourage your friends to do the same and host a Post-it Notes party to quote-search together!


Take a walk around the neighborhood with the kids or grab a gal pal to be your official gym buddy! It’s almost effortless to work out when you have a friend who loves to chat and root you on. Exercising helps to relieve frustration, which can be the cause of negative outlooks.


What could be better than spoiling yourself a little? Simply taking the time to indulge in something that you enjoy will bring yourself back to that peaceful, happy place. Whether it’s relaxing at home with a cup of coffee or delighting yourself with a little retail therapy, you’re on your way to a more positive outlook!

Taking simple actions and making little changes and can help create improvements more than you’d think. Begin with these tips and fill up that glass!

Graphics by Meredith Carty for Best Friends For Frosting.

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