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How to Arrange Living Room Furniture

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT Furniture Clearance Center. All opinions are 100% mine.

Oh my gosh you guys, these past few days have been such a whirlwind! I am so proud (and honestly a little amazed) to say that the #SOBestFriendsForFrosting Airbnb is finally finished! We have been working on the house so much and for so long that it’s just crazy to think it’s finally done!  I’ll share a full reveal of the entire home tomorrow.  Things with the Airbnb were so crazy the past week or so that it honestly doesn’t feel real! All of last week was kind of a mad dash to get all of the final details in place before our press launch!


Our press launch was a blast! I was so stressed out every moment leading up to it, but the event was nothing but pure fun. It was so great to finally be able to share this project and get  feedback and thoughts on the space.  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to share it with you!



Decorating The Living Room

Starting with the living room! This room is really becoming my favorite room in the house. There is so much natural light that makes the room feel so bright and airy! Plus I’m so happy I picked light whites, pinks, and grays for the furniture pieces. It really helps keep that amazing light and bright feeling for the space. My goal for this room was to create a space where you could invite people over and entertain or just curl up and read or watch tv. Luckily I’m super happy with how everything turned out! . I love how the small home decor pieces tie the room together and add little pops of color.


Finding The Perfect Sofa

When I started to search for furniture pieces for the living room, I actually got super lucky! I kind of just stumbled across both the pink and wicker chairs out shopping and I’d had the coffee table for months. But finding the perfect couch for the space was a lot trickier. In general, I think finding a good couch for a living room or family room is super difficult. You have to find something comfortable, but sturdy and something that’s affordable, but not cheaply made. Plus the couch tends to become the focal piece of the room, so you really want it to be beautifully designed as well. Totally not asking for much, right? ;) I always have serious issues finding couches that I love and an even greater issue committing to one. Just ask Andy! Over the years, I have truly driven him nuts picking out couches for our various apartments and homes! So when I found this beautiful gray couch I almost thought it was too good to be true!



My Favorite Furniture Piece from CORT

I scored this living room sofa from CORT Furniture Clearance Center. This is actually my favorite furniture piece that I found from CORT for the #SOBestFriendsForFrostingAirbnb.  Here’s the scoop- CORT actually started as a furniture rental company, but they are also fantastic if you’re looking to buy pieces for your home. I started to use CORT because they have sooooo many options.   I always know that I can walk in and see tons of furniture pieces all at once, which is exactly how I found this grey sofa!  I stopped into CORT and had a general idea of the kind of sofa I wanted, but no real specifics to make searching easy. The team was so kind and patient to show me pretty much every couch they had! See, told you I have some real furniture commitment issues. ;)  Suddenly, I spotted this gray sofa and it was love at first sight! The light gray color was perfect for the airy feel I was trying to maintain.   Grey is such a great neutral color. Plus the sofa’s clean lines totally give it a beautifully chic aesthetic that I couldn’t get enough of! It’s super comfortable too, making it great for long chats with friends or Netflix marathons on the weekends. :) I bought this couch on the spot after seeing it! It ties the whole room together just the way I needed it to!

If you’re looking to add new furniture pieces into your home, get inspired on the CORT Blog. All of the options they have really take the stress off of shopping. And let me tell you- I needed all of the stress relief I could get these past few months! It’s been such a ride! ;)  I’m so thrilled to finally be able to show you this sofa and the living room along with it! Are there any of the rooms you guys want to see next? I’m putting together reveals to share with you, so be on the lookout! :)

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