From marketing to becoming a full-time blogger, we are definitely feeling inspired! Kathleen Barnes of Carrie Bradshaw Lied is here with us today to share her tips on becoming a blogger, what inspires her, and how she was able to turn her passion into a career. We absolutely love her amazing sense of style and her advice makes us adore her even more! Here’s what she has to say:

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What inspired you to become a blogger?

I was always dressing my friends in college, and after college they were texting me, asking “can I wear these shoes with this?” or “what color bag should I wear?”  I thought… what if I explained how I pair things together on a blog?

You make it a point that your Southern roots inspire your fashion looks. What else inspires you?

Of course the casual West Coast vibes inspire me as well – maxi dresses, hats, sandals, crop tops. I think knowing what kind of styles look best on your body is crucial. Every trend isn’t for everyone! Know what works for you.

Do you have any advice for women starting out as a blogger?

I get so many emails about this that I actually addressed it in the FAQ section of my blog as well in a separate blog post –

FAQ // Tips for New Bloggers

Honestly, there isn’t a magic formula or a secret to success that is held back – different things work for different people because all of our audiences are so different.  It takes a lot of trial & error, and as long as you stay true to why you started the blog in the first place, your hard work will absolutely pay off!  Success doesn’t happen overnight. At least for me it didn’t!

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What are some obstacles you have faced with your blog, and how were able to over come them?

I managed my blog and worked full-time for five years. I knew I wanted to wait to take my blog full-time when I truly felt it could stand on its own, and I sincerely loved my day job!  Those last two years of working full-time and blogging were tough. I actually developed carpal tunnel in my right wrist from always being on my computer… I know, I know, cry me a river (!!!) – but ultimately, the hard work paid off and now I have the privilege of working on CBL full-time, which is truly mind-blowing to me. I never envisioned that starting this blog right after college would eventually turn into a career.

What are some items in your closet you can’t live without?

Nude pumps + strappy sandals, a great pair of boyfriend jeans, and a neutral handbag.

While you were studying at University of Mississippi, did you ever imagine blogging as a career?

Never! I wanted to work in marketing for a magazine.  I started working in marketing for Southern Living magazine in Birmingham, Alabama, and my first week of work one of the sister magazines folded. Office doors were shut, people were crying – welcome to the real world, Kathleen! It made me rethink my career goals, and ultimately I ended up in marketing and social media for a global cosmetics brand. Both jobs were so much fun and taught me so much – looking back, they really have helped me with what I’m doing now. Total blessing.

What some fun facts about you our readers might not know?

I’m part Lebanese… which means I put lemon juice and garlic on almost everything! Also, I am expecting to welcome my 9th niece/nephew under 8 years old in July.

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What are some of your favorite places in Southern California?

My husband and I love Laguna and Newport Beach. Temecula is a fun little day trip for some great views and vino. And I mean… who doesn’t love Beverly Hills?

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love my library card – I seriously love to read! I love to cook (and am lucky my husband will eat basically anything), and as much as this is not a cool thing to say… I genuinely really, really love television.  If it comes on Bravo!, there’s a 90% chance I love. Andy Cohen is king (and his books are also amazing!)!

What’s next for Carrie Bradshaw Lied?

I’m trying to expand other areas of the site outside of fashion. Now that I’m able to entirely focus on CBL, I hope to incorporate more DIY’s and creative concepts that are relatable and achievable, no matter where you live. I feel really lucky that my readers have allowed me to carve out this small space on the Internet and share my day to day – they have helped me get to this season of my life, and no amount of thank you’s can explain how much I appreciate it!

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