A bedroom can be such an important place to spend time. Sleeping, scrolling through social media in your pajamas, cuddling with the dogs – whatever! We want it to have personality and we want it to reflect ourselves, all while remaining stylish and put-together. While that all sounds perfectly reasonable, it’s no easy task to tackle. Today, we’re sharing some easy tips for showcasing your stylish bedroom style!

The Headboard

With the focal point of a bedroom being the bed, it’s essential to pick out just the right one. This is a choice that you may want to make first, so that the rest of the decor can accentuate the main attraction.

The headboard is often the most important feature of a bed, and there are endless styles to choose from. This slightly textured fabric headboard in white is a simple, yet classic style that can be accompanied with a variety of colors and decorations. (via Cheer Up Lisa)


If a bigger statement is more your style, then a colorful headboard is the way to go! Pair it will one or two other colors from your desired color palette. (via Phoebe Howard Design)

Side Tables


Side tables are a bedroom’s essential accessories, so examine your options and choose wisely. From classic styles to something a little funkier, like this two-toned table, the sky’s the limit. (via The Pink Pagoda)


The function of a side table is just as important as how it looks. If you’re a book lover, then why not try out a colorful bedside book case? (via Pinterest)


If you have a relaxation nook in the bedroom, consider using a side table as a bar cart for a unique feel.  (via Honestly Yum)



Let’s not forget about lighting! Both overhead and bedside lighting should be chic, functional, and expressive. If a princess bedroom is your dream, try a perfectly placed chandelier with minimalist lighting elsewhere. (via Oh Joy!)


For a more relaxed vibe, incorporate lighting that utilizes natural elements or that have a more industrial feel to them. (via SF Girl Bay)

The Finishing Touches


Now that the big picture items are out of the way, it’s time to talk about the finishing touches. To keep the space light, airy, fresh, and fragrant, consider adding some bright flowers and a mirror to the room. (via Design Sponge)


Use table space to showcase your personal style inspirations, favorite reads, and signature scents. (via Small Shop Studio)


Bookshelves don’t always have to hold books. In fact, we highly recommend dressing them up with your most coveted and loved shoes for a pop of daily inspiration. To top it off, keep a rotation of fresh flowers on top! (via

Which tips will you be taking to heart when designing the ultimate bedroom of your dreams?

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