How to Decorate a Neapolitan Wedding Cake


We are thrilled to post the following tips from Tessa Lindow Huff of The Frosted Cake Shop on how to make a Neapolitan Wedding Cake.  You may have seen this four-tier whimsical cake in our recently collaborated Neapolitan Dessert Bar. Tessa and I share live in the same city, so we are fortunate to collaborate often. I love how this wedding cake takes on all of the colors you would find inside a carton of Neapolitan ice cream.


Here is what Tessa has to say:

Tips on How to Make a Neapolitan Wedding Cake

  • Use Fondx brand fondant — it’s smooth, never too dry, and tasty!
  • When using rolled fondant, make sure you have a sturdy base first.  Each tier should be crumb-coated and smoothed prior to any fondant application.  Place the crumb-coated cake in the fridge until the buttercream hardens. After rolling out your fondant, be sure to “pop” any bubbles that may appear with an x-acto knife or pin and smooth out with fondant smoothers before application to cake.
  • Be sure to take the time to measure and mark where you’d like to place the diagonal stripes.  I use a soft measuring tape to help go around the round tiers.  I also use sharp x-acto knives to cut stripes and keep the edges clean.
  • Looking to make polka dots?  I usually use a variety of round piping tips to cut out fondant polka dots in different sizes.

Photography by Chantel Elder of Eleakis & Elder Photography

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