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As many of us know, starting a successful business is no easy task. From deciding what you want to specialize in to finding the right clients, this takes time and experience. We are thrilled to have Jessica of Jessica Nazarali Coaching with us today to discuss how you can find more clients for your business by simply being yourself! Throughout this journey, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of businesses and lose sight with your true self. As the creator and founder of It Girl Entrepreneur, she is working to provide entrepreneurs and coaches with the tools they need to succeed. With Jessica’s seriously helpful advice, you can see how easy it is to find the right clients for your business without losing your values and passions. Here’s what Jessica has to say:


Finding clients and customers is the biggest challenge of entrepreneurship. When I first started my coaching business, I struggled to secure clients for a fraction of what they line up to pay now. What changed? I got really clear on who I am, who I can help, and what will set me and my business apart. The beauty of being authentically you (and no one else) is that it attracts the perfect clients to you, no struggling required. Here are the five things to determine that will set you apart and attract the right clients and customers to your business.

1. Your Values

Think about your values and what’s important to you, as well as the values of the people you are excited to work with. I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle and therefore attract clients who also enjoy eating right and taking care of themselves. I value spending time with my husband (who is also an important part of my business), and many of my clients can relate to the relationship we have and how important he is to me.

Perhaps you are a mom and value spending as much time as possible with your children. Is your ideal client similar? Think about how you can connect with them through your common values. Share your values through your emails, social media posts, Pinterest boards, Periscope videos, and Facebook page.  Put yourself and what you believe out there.  There’s no better way than using today’s social media tools to show your ideal client who you are and what you stand for.


2. Your Passions

What makes you feel alive? What brings you joy? Even If it has absolutely nothing to do with your business on the surface, you may find that your clients are attracted to your shared passions. Travel is an integral part of my lifestyle, as well as my business. Not only do I offer in-person intensives across the world, but I also meet my coaching mentor and fellow coaches in exotic places such as Bali and Florence. I infuse my brand with the message that travel is possible for every woman that desires to explore the world, and have designed my premium course to help coaches do just that.

Make a list of your passions and desires, particularly the ones you’ve accomplished or are fulfilling on a regular basis. Give voice to your passions by showing the aspects of your life and business that light you up. It helps your ideal client feel like they know you and how you approach your work. Your ideal client will warm to your shared passions and be more inclined to reach out to you. It’s like breaking the ice, so when you do talk about business, it will feel natural and friendly!

3. Who You Want to Work With

Many entrepreneurs start with the idea that they want to help everyone, and while that is a noble goal, the reality is that by not getting specific on who you want to work with, you’ll blend in to the sea of other businesses doing what you do. You will be less memorable and attract fewer clients as a result. This might be the most important factor to determine that will help ensure you stand out and attract clients.

Start by creating an ideal client persona that represents the type of person you want to work with. Based on your passions and values, you already know a few interests of this persona, but you want to make him or her into a well-rounded character. The more detailed you can make this persona (demographics, interests, quirks, lifestyle habits, etc.), the more effective it will be in helping that type of client find and want to work with you. Not every customer will be exactly like your ideal client, but getting clarity on this will attract the right range of people. Whenever you are writing blog posts and creating new products, you will want to keep your persona in mind.


4.  What Your Ideal Clients Want

Doing market research is an important part of creating your business and offerings, and this isn’t as complicated as it may seem. One way to do this is to be an active listener on social media and popular websites. Take a look at Facebook groups where your ideal client “hangs out” and see if there are any repeat questions, concerns, or issues. Do they use Instagram often? If so, what hashtags are they using? What websites does your persona read every day? Look in the comments for common threads.

Pay close attention to what they want, versus the need that you can provide a solution for. For example, you might be interested in becoming a health and wellness coach. Your ideal clients need to live a healthier lifestyle, but what they will tell you they want is to lose ten pounds and look great in a swimsuit. It’s the benefits your customers get that will make them decide to hire you or buy your product.

5. What Actions to Take Every Day to Attract Clients

Now that you know who your ideal clients are, where to find them, and what they want, there’s a lot of work to do. Focus on client-generating activities on a daily basis including:

  • Build an email list using Facebook or YouTube ads
  • Email your list about your offers or free discovery sessions
  • Garner a following on Instagram
  • Create a Facebook group and stimulate engagement
  • Create a video series
  • Blog or guest posting on websites your ideal client reads
  • Book speaking engagements

Make sure the actions you choose to take are in alignment with you and your ideal client. That’s what is going to attract the right clients to your business.

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