3 Ways to Get Organized Right Now!

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This summer I have been on a mission to simplify my life! Sounds so easy right? Trust me, it is harder than it seems! We have so much going on this summer with the home renovations, a few product launches in the works and a new podcast. Things have just been totally crazy and all over the place. Don’t get me wrong, I love the work and am so excited about every single project… but I don’t always love the less than fun chaos and messiness that comes with it all behind the scenes.



Simplifying My Life

When I get swamped, it’s just so important to take a step back and try to get organized. There is just something about simplifying that makes me feel like I am pushing forward in a very good way. I have always been like that! Ever since I was little, I had my own routines and kept things organized in lists, folders and boxes. Call me Type-A, but having things organized makes me feel like I have it together. ;) I almost have to have things like this, otherwise I get completely frazzled when there is too much going on. Basically, I have to have a plan and place for everything.

How To Simplify Your Life

If you have been trying to simplify your life or are just looking for some ways to get organized, I have you covered! Since this has become such an important part of my life and a pretty consistent habit, I figured I would share some of my secrets with you guys! Here are three of my favorite ways to get started on simplifying your life today. I could give you a crazy long list, but I wanted this organization list to feel easily achievable. This list is packed with things that you can implement in your life today that your future self will thank you for- I pinky promise!

Simplify Your Schedule

I basically live by my schedule and my personal calendar! Some days get so overwhelming that I have no clue what still needs to be done or what I’m even supposed to be doing. Sound familiar for anyone else? To get through all of the appointments, errands, and just general life tasks, I like to dedicate specific days to specific things. For example, every Sunday at my house is food prep day. I try to wake up before the kids and knock out all of the grocery shopping for the week that morning. Then while I’m cooking them breakfast, I can start to prep meals for the week. It’s a bigger commitment for that day, but it means my schedule is freed up for the rest of the week and there are plenty of easy meals in the fridge. I’ve also gotten into the habit of scheduling an appointment day every couple of weeks. This day usually isn’t all that fun but so necessary! Just dedicate a weekday where you take off work and schedule all of the appointments and errands you need to take care of. Doctor’s appointments, personal appointments, trips to the bank, returning purchased items, car maintenance— any of those tasks that hang over your head week after week. Dedicating one day to all of these things means they’re checked off your list and you don’t have to run back and forth every single day.




Simplify Your Stuff

I think we can all agree that we have way too much “stuff.” Sure there is “stuff” that we need, use, or just enjoy having, but I’m talking about the clutter stuff. Yup, we’re talking all about the things that are either still in a package or that you say you will use “someday.” Let’s just go ahead and forget about “someday” because it is not helping you today. Take some time on a Saturday afternoon and get rid of all the things that do not serve a purpose. Seriously detox and declutter, it’s so therapeutic! Go through your makeup organizer and get rid of anything expired or anything you don’t really use. Go through your plastic Tupperware drawer and clean out anything that doesn’t have a matching lid. You can use this hack for seriously any room or area of your house. You will be amazed about how many things you were randomly holding onto. Plus I guarantee you’ll feel so much lighter and energized once it’s all over!

Simplify By Stocking Up

It may seem odd after my last tip, but I absolutely recommend stocking up on your go-to essentials. This totally does not mean buying tons of stuff for no real reason. I mean stock up on things that you need or use often! We run through so many of the gallon plastic bags at my house, so I try to pay special attention on stocking up on those. Medication is another huge one! Andy is prone to headaches and migraines, so I always stock up on ibuprofen. The kids are both seriously accident prone, so I have plenty of bandages in the house. As for me, it’s important for me to maintain my feminine health so I stock up on AZO Complete Feminine Balance™ Daily Probiotics. I love AZO Complete Feminine Balance™ Daily Probiotics for so many reasons. It helps maintain a healthy pH, it’s clinically shown to work in 7 days, and it’s made up of a clinically studied blend of 4 unique probiotic strains found in healthy women. Specially designed to restore microflora, it’s a safe and beneficial probiotic for women’s health—including pregnant women. Having AZO ready to go is a lifesaver. A little fun back history: AZO products were recommended to me by both, my doctor and pharmacist, for the past several years. AZO products have helped me during some of my painfullest times. So when AZO released their Complete Feminine Balance™ Daily Probiotics, I was instantly sold and ecstatic! Speaking of stocking up on essentials, I also make sure that we’re stocked up on are hygiene essentials like toothpaste, dental floss, makeup remover, deodorant and the list goes on. Making sure that you are organized and stocked up on the must-haves will take out those stressful last-minute trips to the store.

These are just a few of the ways that I try to keep my life as simplified as possible! I have so many more tricks, but I wanted to make sure to keep this list as realistic and instantly achievable as possible. Do any of you actively try to streamline things in your life? Care to share any other tips? I may need a few extra recommendations to get me through the next few months over here. ;)

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