Face Cake

We’ve all seen the store-bought cakes with faces on them which most definitely add a personalized touch to any event.  Lisa, from A Piece of Lisa, decided to make her own face cake with amazing results, and lucky for us, she has generously shared her secrets with us on her blog. This is actually a two-fold post because not only does she tell us how to put the face on a Face Cake, she gives us instructions on how to make a Strawberry and White Chocolate Cake that includes baked meringues – something I had never seen before. The cake itself is well worth mentioning, but her detailed instructions on making a face on the cake is. . . okay, I’m going to say it –  the icing on the cake. Making your own Face Cake does take some time and a little skill, but Lisa’s instructions make it look easy and the results are well worth the extra effort. Make one of these impressive cakes for someone you love and they will be forever grateful!

Read more: How to Make a Face Cake by A Piece of Lisa

Photo by: A Piece of Lisa

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