It’s time to get festive! This flower headband idea by our exclusive contributor, Madeline Trait of By Madeline Trait, is perfect for your next birthday or holiday party. Or you can live the BFFF motto and don the floral look to “celebrate the everyday!” Here’s what Madeline has to say about her headband tutorial.

“Add some fun flowers to your celebration with festive flower headbands. Have it as an activity so you and your guests will be able to create your own unique headband. Play around with the placement of your headband, as it can looks great worn many different ways. Now you are ready to party!”




—Glue gun

—Crepe paper (multiple colors)

—Ribbon (multiple colors)

—Dried pods, berries, and/or buttons



1. Grab your crepe paper and cut it into 2″ wide strips. Be sure to cut parallel to the creases of the paper. Take the 2″ wide strip and then cut that into 2″ x 2″ squares.

2.  Cut the corners of one end of the square so it has the shape of a petal.

3. Stretch the end of the square that you cut the corners off. Now it’s starting to look like a petal!


4. Next we will make the center of our flower. Cut a piece of wire about 4″ long, then make a small loop at one end. Take the end with the loop and bend it so it perpendicular to the wire. It should look like an upside down L. Then glue your button or dried pod on to the loop with your glue gun.


5. Take your petals and put a line of glue on the end of the petal that is not stretched. This is the end that you will then glue to the bottom side of your flower center. The glue dries fast, so you need to do this step quickly.

6. Once you get the first end of the petal glued to the flower center, glue the rest around the center, using an accordion fold. Repeat this step, layering the petals as you go. You can adjust petal size and quantity for bigger or smaller flower. 5 is typically a good number of petals.

7. Cut the excess wire that is creating the stem of your flower. Now the flowers are ready to be glued to the ribbon (which will be the headband). Be sure to try on your headband as you build it! Your head is curved and the flowers may lay differently on your head vs. the table.

8. Add additional adornments such as the dried pods, buttons, dried seeds, etc. to fill in the gaps between flowers.


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