How to Make an Edible Cupcake Stand

Have your cupcake stand, and eat it too!

I easily made these edible cupcake stands from an ice cream cone, a cookie, and some frosting (as glue). And there you have it — the newest decorative party accessory! Imagine a party with a table setting which includes not only a beautiful cupcake, but a sanding-sugar-sparkling edible stand. These are adorable! And your guests, full-sized and pint-sized, will agree.


A few helpful hints on cookie selection:

  • Use a cookie that’s over 2.75” diameter so it will be a good proportion for your cupcake stand.
  • Use a flat cookie such as a sugar cookie.
  • Use something thick enough to give the cupcake stand some heft.


I liked the idea of using a lacy pizzelle, but I decided it would be too fragile. The other large cookie I bought had a rounded top. It would have worked fine if it was flipped over so the flat part was facing up, but it didn’t have the pretty scalloped edge. The cookie I used is called Simply Social by Voortman, and it was in the cookie aisle at my everyday grocery store. I love that it has a beautiful scalloped edge and already has a sugar sprinkle on it!

I flipped the ice cream cones upside down and decorated them first, then piped frosting onto the base and set my cookie on top to dry. For perfectly sized frosting stars, I used a #18 tip.  It was fun to gather my supply of ice cream and cupcake toppings and see what I could create! I hope you’ll have fun with it too! Want some more edible party-ware? Visit the edible teacup recipe at She Knows.

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    1. Debbi Hook

      I love this! I can’t wait to try it – I know my grandchildren will think Grandma is sooo smart! I’ll happily admit I didn’t think of it myself :-)
      Thanks for sharing this great idea!!!

    2. poonam

      These muffins looks fantastic! what a creativity used to design on beautiful stand..
      it decorated especially with cute colors and its good flavor so wonderful!

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    6. Angela

      What type of icing do you use to attach everything together? just plain buttercream or do you use royal icing or does it matter? i just didnt want it to fall apart if someone picks it up by the cookie, you know? i also thought about using karo syrup and letting it stand for 24 hrs before attaching a cupcake but wasnt sure if that would cause the cone to become stale

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    8. Cathie

      Just so cute,think I’ll make these for the 4th.
      Red,white and blue decorations.Thanks great idea.

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