Favors are a great way to greet or send your guests away with something special as a remembrance of your special celebration and extraordinary hosting skills. Today we have a creative and unique way in which to package up those special treats to give to your guests.


Gift/Favor Box —Embroidery Thread
Screw Punch—Cutting Mat
—Embroidery Needle
—Something to fill your box with!



1. Choose a design. You can either draw it free hand or trace it using the this tracing technique. Start with something simple so that you can get the hang of it first.

2. Once you have chosen your design, flip the lid of the box over and draw on the inside of the lid. After you have drawn your shape on your box draw make small dots about every 1/4″ on the outline of your drawing. This is where you will punch your holes to pull the thread through. Lay the lid of your box face down on a cutting mat and using your screw punch make holes at the places where you marked on your outline. [Use a hole size of about 1/16″.] Now that you have all your holes thread your needle with embroidery thread and start stitching. Layer different colors of thread by going through the holes you made multiple times.


 3. Once you are done now you can prepare your box to be filled with your delicious treats. Line the box with colorful tissue and then fill it and now you have a unique item to give to your guests, special friends and family.

Other ways to further customize your favor box:


Hit it with a thin layer of spray paint. Don’t coat the box but spray just enough to give it some color and a speckle effect.

Play around with shapes for your pattern and stitch types. Go super simple or try something complex like a flower.

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