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Looking for a fun and funky way to spruce up your cookies and cupcakes? How about adding a bright, bold geometric pattern to the mix! We’re loving this simple detail. These Geometric Toppers are easy to make, but they will add so much flair to dull cookies and cupcakes. We’re thrilled Carly and Amanda of The Creative Journal have brought us this posh design today, and we can’t wait to make a set of our own! Here’s what these girls have to say:

“Fondant Cookie and Cupcake Toppers are a really easy way to add a whole lot of wow factor to your baking! They instantly make your treats look practically professional, but they are actually really quite simple, and with only a few cutters, you can have yourself a little geometric inspired morning tea!”



–Circle, Square, and Chevron Cutters

–Fondant (approx 4oz per color)

–Gel Colors (optional)

–Paring Knife

–Rolling Pin

–Icing Sugar or Corn Flour for dusting

–Undecorated Cupcakes and/or Cookies (We used 6 of each)

–Buttercream Frosting



1.  Color your fondant (if you didn’t purchase a pre-colored variety). This step is completely up to you. We’d recommend using 2-3 colors so you can mix it up a little with a white base.

2. Roll out some white fondant to a thickness of approx 3-4ml (If it is sticking to your table top use a light dusting of corn flour or icing sugar).

3. From the white fondant, cut out 6 large circles (the size of your cookies), 6 small circles (for cupcake toppers), and 6 squares (for cupcake toppers). These will form the base of your toppers, so cut as many as you will need.

4. Pop them aside on a non stick surface to dry out a little.

5. Roll out the first of your colored fondant to a thickness of 3-4ml. Cut out 5 chevron stripes and at least 5 squares (the same size as your white ones).


**Again the number you cut will depend on how many you want to make in the end, but this amount will give you a lot of variety for about 6 cookies and 6 cupcakes.

6. Repeat Step 5 for each other color.

7. Cut the colored squares in half to form triangles. Leave 1-2 of each color like this and cut the rest in half again to make smaller triangles. Pop aside.


8. Construct any Chevron Toppers first as you need the fondant to be soft enough to trim without cracking. To do this, simply apply some water to the back of the chevron stripe and “stick” to a white fondant circle or square. Use the paring knife to very carefully trim off the edge so it meets the side of the circle perfectly. Done!  Pop aside to harden.

9. Once all of the colored triangles have hardened a little it is time to get creative! There is no right or wrong here. You can do scattered triangles or create a square with the different colors. Simply use a little water on the back of each triangle to attach to your white fondant base.


10. Once you’re done, let all of the toppers “dry” for a while so they harden. You may want to move them gently to make sure they don’t stick to the spot.

11. When they are ready, ice your cupcakes with your favorite buttercream and place your toppers on top! To attach the cookie toppers simply use a little water on the back and place them on your cookies. All done and ready to serve!




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