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Why stop at DIY gifts when you can create your own unique wrapping paper too? Today we have an awesome guest post by Margaret of The Curious Calligrapher, who knows the power of personal handwriting. Say whatever you want with your pretty scrawl, so you can show your loved ones how you feel before they even open their gift! Here’s what Margaret has to say:

“Gifts are all about making someone else feel special and loved. It’s something you pour a lot of thought into, and there’s no denying that little fluttering feeling you get when the person you give it to lights up with joy. So why not add a little more love to how you wrap it? It would be extra special if some handmade magic worked its way to the wrapping as well!

All things handwriting are IN right now, and all of us at the Curious Calligrapher are just loving it. It would just be a pretty sight to have your heartfelt writing on the wrapper and not just on the card, yes? Make sure to choose some words that are special to you and the person you’ll be giving the pressie to. We chose ‘love,’ ‘pretty,’ ‘treats,’ and ‘sweet.’ You could even write excerpts from a song or a poem!”
-Roll of Kraft Brown Wrapping Paper
-White Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint
-Small paint brush (one with synthetic fibers would work best)
-Pink ribbon (and lots of it!)
1. Roll out the size of paper you need and have some fun! Pick a few words you want on your wrapping paper. Be sure to sketch out your design using the chalk before picking up your brush. Don’t forget to change your angle and mix in some script and print.
2. Time to paint your words! The Golden Fluid Acrylic is wonderful because it comes out of the bottle in the perfect consistency to brush on. However, if this ink isn’t available to you, you can mix acrylic from the tube. Add a little water until you’ve got it to a consistency that sits well on the paper. If the paint just soaks into the paper and fades when it dries, you’ve got too much water. You can tear out a little piece of the kraft paper to experiment until you’ve got the mixture right.wrapping-paper-4
3. Let the paper dry thoroughly and you can now get on to wrapping! Add some pretty ribbons and sit back to admire your handiwork. And get ready to see the biggest smile!

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