What are you afraid of? Kim Butler of The Whiteboard Room is here to help us push past the fear of failure. When we set our own goals and reach them successfully, we learn so much more about ourselves and what we are truly capable of. Fear should motivate you to achieve your dreams! You can be surprised about how much you can achieve when you just push yourself! Check out what Kim has to say below about successfully pushing past the fear and reaching your goals:

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“Yesterday I sat across from one of my clients who has been having trouble finalizing a proposal that has been on her plate for a while now. For several months it has been her goal to finish the proposal but every month she hits a wall. During the next hour we walked through it together and realized that it was all there to begin with. Everything she needed to finish it was right there; she was the only one getting in the way of the goal. Why? Because of fear.

Fear paralyzes us. Fear keeps us from moving, from taking risks, from loving fully. Fear holds us back.

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As a coach, I try to push my clients to the point of failure. In athletics we call this burn out. Burn out is when you do the same exercise for as many reps as possible until, well…literally burning out, failing. The thing about muscular burn out is that our muscles always come back stronger. They have to break down (literally) before they can be built up. When we start setting goals we don’t usually know our own capacity; we have to push ourselves to the point of burnout to learn our potential and when we do we come back stronger.

Coaches always know that their athletes have one more rep in them. Alone we would burn out a lot sooner than we would with a coach in our corner, telling us that we can.

That same client recently started leading a group of women in her community in a weekly workout program. They all wanted to get in shape and she finds joy in helping people do just that. I have joined the group on occasion and I can tell you that I have pushed myself to do “one more rep” many times because I know someone is believing that I can. Someone else is in my corner, and a community of people are pushing themselves too.

Having goals is good. Having accountability to those goals is even better. And having a community of people around you who are in it together, that is when we push past burnout, past failure, past fear. That is when greatness is born.

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When we set goals, we set our own bar. We can set the bar low and always achieve the goal, but if we do that, we will never know our fullest potential. If, instead, we choose to set the bar high and push ourselves to go a little further than we thought we just might find that we are capable of so much more. Don’t be afraid to set the bar high and don’t be afraid to let people in. Let others come alongside you and see something in you that you may not see in yourself.

What kind of fear is holding you back? Fear of failure? Fear of success? Fear that you might not have it in you, that you aren’t enough? Acknowledge it, be ok with being vulnerable, and do it anyway. As Joyce Meyer says, “Do it afraid.” Because you are enough. You have one more rep in you.

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The biggest stride comes when you take the most difficult steps. The steps you are afraid to take but know you should. When you make the choice that is going to get you to your goal in the moments you least want to make that choice, that is where perseverance and character are developed. Those are the choices that elevate you to a new plateau of potential. Keep setting goals and making daily intentional choices; if you do there is no limit to where you can go.”


Photography by: Kayla Griffin Photography

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