Family Picnic on the Beach

As Charlie is just weeks away from starting kindergarten, I’ve been trying to do as much with him as possible. I want to create fun moments and soak up all those good memories. The kids are only little once, right?! It’s been really hard to say goodbye to summer since I know it means Charlie is just a couple weeks away from starting kindergarten.
We’re in sunny California, so we’re obviosuly all about impromptu picnics. ;) Normally we go to the park, but this time around I decided to switch things up and go to the beach! There is just something so fun about eating outdoors with the kids. Sometimes we’ll take books or binoculars, while other times we just bring ourselves – and of course a basket of our favorite snacks. Is it me or is there something so fun and nostalgic about loading up a picnic basket filled to the brim with goodies?! I used to do it with my parents and it brings back all kinds of happy memories.
This time around I quickly threw together some sandwiches, watermelon skewers, and chips. As I’ve been more conscious than ever about making healthy decisions, I’ve been paying attention to what I fill my cart with at the grocery store. 80% of the time, I normally buy from the produce aisle or when it’s packaged, I try to buy foods that take a more natural approach. I’ll be honest, I am a sucker for bright and fun packaging, and these chips from Way Better Snacks are literally our new favorite snacks. Charlie’s favorite flavor is Nacho Cheese, while my favorite has a more adult flavor profile – spicy sriracha. ;)
As summer is coming to a close, I encourage you to sweep your little sweeties up or your favorite people in the whole wide world and plan an impromptu picnic of your own. The older I get, the more I am realizing that random adventures are some of the best adventures- even if they’re simple!
The post is sponsored by Way Better Snacks.

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