Here at BFFF, we’re all about sharing our favorite recipes, DIY projects, decor, entertaining tips, and so much more with you. In addition, we also love to let you peek into the lives of the creative experts that develop these recipes or design these projects.

Today, we’re offering you an exclusive look at Averie of Averie Cooks‘ creative process in the kitchen.

Fave Recipe: I have a blondie/cookie bar base recipe for an 8×8 pan of bars that I can make in my sleep and have so many versions of it on my site. I included one version in my cookbook, Peanut Butter Comfort. It always starts out by melting a stick of butter, stirring in 1 cup of light brown sugar, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of vanilla, and folding in 1 cup of flour. From there, your options for add-ins are wide open from white chocolate to diced candy bars to dried fruit to peanut butter swirls. Press it all into an 8×8 pan and bake for 20 to 30 minutes, depending on how much you added in. The bars turn out soft, moist, tender, and so easy. I am big on no-mixer-required and one bowl recipes. Those are the ones people seem to make the most.

Best Tip for Creativity: Read, read, read. I have at least 200 cookbooks and my collection grows monthly, I subscribe to Bon Appetit, Saveur, Cooks Illustrated, Cook’s Country, America’s Test Kitchen; I read a ton of food blogs, and Pinterest is my second home. I see what’s happening out there and just soak it all in. And then one day, it will hit me on a run or doing yoga or driving in the car or dreaming (yes, I dream about recipes). All the bits and pieces from everything I have read come together into an idea that I can run with.

Best Kept Secret: If a recipe calls for chopped chocolate, before you start chopping, put a piece of parchment paper on your cutting board. This prevents chocolate from getting embedded into your board, makes cleanup a breeze, and you can easily pick up the paper and the chocolate slides right off into your mixing bowl. Save the paper and tuck it in with your chocolate stash so it’s there for the next time you need to chop chocolate.

Currently Pulling Inspiration From: Saveur and Bon Appetit

Tools I can’t Live Without: A really sharp knife and cutting board, a large mixing bowl and whisk, lots of towels for all the dishes and wiping I’m constantly doing, and my KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

Currently Shopping at: For food – Trader Joe’s as much as possible, supplemented with Ralph’s and Vons. For kitchen housewares, I order what I can on Amazon. I window shop (and every now and then shop) at Williams-Sonoma, Sur la Table, and Anthropologie. I love my local thrift store for photography props.

Currently Wish-Listed: We live in a small, urban condo and my kitchen is the size of a shoebox. I would kill for more storage space. I store dry goods and food in my coat closet, photography props in my water heater closet, and many appliances in a cubby hole underneath my staircase. There is not an inch that’s wasted and I’d love to just have more room! I don’t need any more stuff; I need storage space to store what I already have!


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    1. Nancy @ gottagetbaked

      Averie’s blog is one of my all time favourites and I ordered her cookbook as soon as it became available. I loved this interview, especially the tip on using parchment paper when chopping chocolate. *Smacks head* it’s brilliant!