Inexpensive Gift Ideas to Celebrate Everyday

This post is sponsored by Grocery Outlet, but opinions are my own. When it comes to easy, inexpensive gift ideas or entertaining guests, Grocery Outlet is where it’s at! These quick and simple ideas for building a charcuterie board, giving holiday cards, or picking up flowers for mom are sure to please. These simple ideas make celebrating both the everyday and special moments easy. And the best part – they won’t break the bank! Join me as I share all the best finds at Grocery Outlet to intentionally celebrate the everyday!


Inexpensive Gift Ideas

We all know I love a good party just as much as the next girl. But what I REALLY love is celebrating the everyday in easily attainable ways! Cherishing life’s special moments with Andy, Charlie, Claire, my parents, my friends, and so many other people I meet is at the top of my list! I absolutely love being able to bring joy to others in small, attainable ways. But you have to remember, breaking the bank is not a part of the equation. I am all about easy, inexpensive gift ideas! I am so excited to take you on a tour of Grocery Outlet to show you how to score the best deals to intentionally celebrate the everyday!

Flowers for Mom

One of my absolute favorite ways to spread joy in the simplest way is surprising people with fresh flowers or a beautiful plant! My parents live right around the corner, but that sure doesn’t stop me from making a surprise visit to drop off a bouquet for my mom! I’ve also started developing close relationships with the families in our neighborhood. By stopping at Grocery Outlet, I am able to find amazing deals on plants and floral arrangements so I can spread more joy to more people! I love the idea of picking up a beautiful plant, attaching a heartfelt note, and leaving it on their doorstep. It’s like the nice version of playing ding-dong ditch! ;)



Charcuterie Board

Having a few people over for dinner, or hosting a full blown mocktail hour? It doesn’t have to be difficult! Truth be told, after a long day, when I know people are coming over, I try to think of the simplest, most heartfelt thing I can do for them. One way to do this is to grab a DIY charcuterie pack that features meats, cheeses, and yummy olives. I absolutely love to pick up this pack from Grocery Outlet, which is just down the street from our house. I am a little obsessed with shopping there, especially as they’re updating their whole look and feel! 
A new look inside and outside, plus amazing deals – so excited! Talk about #BargainBliss! Pair this great charcuterie pack with a box of delicious crackers, lay it all out on a beautiful tray, and you’re good to go! No slicing, barely any dirty dishes, and best of all – easily attainable!



Easy Pancake Recipe

In our house, a pancake morning is seriously the best morning! I absolutely love getting up early to make pancakes for Andy and the kids. They absolutely love waking up to the scents wafting through the house and just LOVE the surprise. Some mornings, I even dump a whole cup of sprinkles, blueberries, or chocolate chips in the batter for extra joy – talk about a breakfast party! I always pick up a big bag of mix when I’m shopping the aisles at Grocery Outlet to have on hand so we can always enjoy fun mornings at our house!


Easy Brownie Recipe

When it comes to big school functions for Charlie or special days at preschool for Claire, I have no problem coming up with simple ways to celebrate that won’t create a ton of dishes! Sometimes being a PTA mom and supplying the special treats means buying a quick fix when you’re in a bind! This gigantic box of brownies is seriously a lifesaver! It will easily get you through the next fundraiser without breaking the bank! Whip up the brownie batter and top it with your favorite sprinkles or candies before baking to give it a homemade touch!


Holiday Cards

As you’ve probably figured out by now, I am OBSESSED with stationery. Ever since I was young, writing heartfelt notes to people has been my favorite hobby! I absolutely love picking up cute cards for everyone I can possibly think of for holidays, or just because! From Charlie’s teacher and the office staff at his school, to our family and neighbors, writing cards is my absolute fave! And because I write so many, I love finding cute options at a steal of a deal! I love finding such great bargains and I encourage you to make a trip to Grocery Outlet to see what kind of deals you can find for inexpensive gift ideas as well!


Special Moments

Putting together a quick, inexpensive gift or heartfelt surprise for people you love doesn’t ever have to be difficult! Because Grocery Outlet is less than a five minute drive from my house, I love to go, wander the aisles, and get inspired by all of the good deals! Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away thinking we need to give people expensive gifts or put out an elaborate spread while entertaining, but it doesn’t need to be that way! Whether it’s giving holiday cards, flowers for mom, or putting together a charcuterie board, finding ways to shop a good deal and find a bargain will go such a long way with your loved ones! 
And if you need any help locating those bargains at the Grocery Outlet nearest you, CLICK HERE!
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Do you have any inexpensive gift ideas you love to share with others? I would love to hear all about it in the comments!

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