Interview with Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul Magazine


Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul Magazine was kind enough to answer a few burning questions about his life, loves, and his beautiful magazine. This native Norwegian turned New Englander just oozes East Coast ease and charm. His talent and eye for styling food, décor, and anything else he touches makes me want to jump through the page and take a vacation. If you’re not reading this magazine or his blog, Sweet Paul, you’re missing out. Read on to find out a few secrets and how Paul almost took to the friendly skies . . .


Paul, you are a creative genius, evidenced by your beautiful magazine, Sweet Paul. How did you get your start with your blog, which eventually birthed the magazine? 

I had blog envy. A friend of mine had a blog and it seemed really cool. I had no idea what to blog about, so I just blogged about my own work as a food and prop stylist.


When you were in grade school, what did you want to be when you grew up?

An Air Steward. Remember back in the ’70s/early ’80s when it was still a glam job? I could see myself serving first class passengers champagne and caviar on some fabulous airline. Very happy I didn’t take the route.


How old were you when you first moved from Oslo to N.Y? Do you miss Norway?

I was 39 when I moved. Never missed it!

sweet paul

What is your first love: cooking, crafting, design . . . something else?

My first love is cooking. My grandmother was a great cook and she let me help in the kitchen from a very early age. She taught me so much.


You don’t have a lot of personal information on your blog or in your magazine, and maybe that’s on purpose, but tell me something about yourself that maybe your readers and fans don’t know.

I collect robots, I’m kinda messy, and I hate Tequila.


Sweet or savory?

Both please!


Your magazine features up-and-coming artists, chefs, bakers, etc., which will no doubt help their careers. Is there someone who gave you a “leg up” when you first got started and helped to propel your career?

I owe many people a huge thanks for my career. They all know who they are and I will remember the little people when I’m having lunch with Martha and Oprah.

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