J.Crew Gingham Outfit

Oh my gosh, you guys would not believe the craziness that has been happening around our house lately! The home renovations are still moving along and we are officially in painting mode! And when I say painting mode, I mean we have literally spent DAYS painting rooms, doors, and everything you can imagine. Painting is one of my all time favorite parts of designing new rooms, but I always forget how exhausting and stressful it can be! Seriously there are about 40 paint swatches rolling around in the bottom of my purse and blue tape covering every surface of our house. We have had so much home content these days that I wanted to switch things up and talk fashion with you today! ;)


Shop the look: Blue Gingham Shirt, Ruffle Sleeve Cardigan, Clutch, Sandals.  

Gingham Outfit

With all of the home painting chaos, it’s honestly amazing if I make it out of the house in anything besides painting clothes. Soooo glamorous right? ;) I didn’t really notice, until I literally caught myself wearing the same paint splattered shirt for the third day in a row. At that point, I knew I was way overdue for a little retail therapy!! I have always loved fashion and trying new patterns, colors, and styles. But as a mom of two and a businesswoman, I need my closet to be functional and comfortable too. It does not always make shopping easy! A lot of times I get frustrated when I can’t find the perfect pieces or end up buying something that is totally NOT me! Like last winter when I bought tons and tons of hunter green pieces. The color was gorgeous, but not at all me.


Shop the look: Blue Gingham Shirt, Ruffle Sleeve Cardigan, Clutch, Sandals.

Shopping With J. Crew Factory

During my latest round of shopping though, I hit the jackpot at J. Crew Factory! Seriously walking through the store felt like walking through my dream closet! Normally when shopping, I only manage to find pieces here and there, but this time at J. Crew Factory I walked out with full head to toe outfits! This outfit in particular is a total dream come true! The colors, the patterns, and the styles are all completely on the BFFF brand! The final look all together is relaxed enough for the day, but perfect for a dinner out or a few drinks.


My Favorite Gingham Shirt

When I saw this gingham shirt on the hanger, I could barely contain myself! You know when you just find a piece of clothing that feels like it was made perfectly for you? That’s this gingham shirt for me! Obviously as you all know, I am a HUGE fan of gingham anything and everything! The gorgeous blue color with the white of this shirt though, pushed it over the edge for me! Plus it has the most adorable little side bow! I could not be more obsessed! I’ve worn it with white jeans by itself or with jeans and light layers. It’s super comfy, cute, and so, so easy to style.


This Comfortable Navy Cardigan

I am such a sucker for a good cardigan! Since I am basically always cold, light layers are basically a must for me! When I’m shopping, I’m always on the lookout for great cardigans that I can slip into my everyday wardrobe. This navy cardigan was a perfect addition!! Navy and white is one of absolute favorite color combos, so I was immediately interested in this beautiful piece! But then I saw the sweetest little ruffle sleeve accents on this cardigan and I was sold! I love subtle details in pieces like this that add a bit of glamour to your wardrobe! Plus did I mention how comfortable this cardigan is?? It is seriously so soft and comfy that you’ll end up trying to wear it with every single outfit.

Shop the look: Blue Gingham Shirt, Ruffle Sleeve Cardigan, Clutch, Sandals.  

The Cutest Summer Accessories

As we all know, every outfit is secretly all about the accessories! Bring on the shoes and purses! ;) These brown wedges and amazing wicker purse are the cutest accessories for any summer outfit. A solid pair of brown wedges that you can wear all day are basically a summer staple. Plus, I could not be more in love with the new wicker purse trend!! There are so many beautiful details in this purse that add a little extra touch to your outfit. Not to mention, it’s roomy enough to carry a wallet, sunglasses, and all of your summer essentials! :)


Do any of you have summer wardrobe staples? Or does anyone have any advice on how to survive days and days of painting? Feel free to message me with any tips or secrets for how to manage! The paint struggle is so real! ;)



Photography for BFFF by Ashley Baumgartner

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