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Kitchen Organization Ideas

If you’re looking for tips on how to organize your kitchen, or even just great organization tips in general, this is for you! It was time for an overhaul on our kitchen cabinets, and I gained so many kitchen organization and pantry organization ideas along the way to share with you!

Kitchen Organization

Raise your hand if your kitchen cabinets could use a total overhaul?! No shame over here! Ever since we bought our mid-century modern house and have been redoing everything from the bathrooms to the living room, I have been totally guilty of just putting things wherever in the kitchen. I have been wanting to completely reorganize the kitchen for years, but because so much of it is behind a door and rarely seen by anyone but family, I put it on the back burner for the longest time! My kitchen cupboards were SO messy before that I literally wanted to stress eat every time I came into the kitchen. I am so excited to share the before and after of my newly organized kitchen, with tips and tricks from Kim of Kim’s Closets Plus along the way!

pantry opened

How to Organize Your Kitchen

I was SO excited to work with Kim to streamline and organize our kitchen! Kim is a television personality who has done countless television segments on home organizing. Seriously! From celebrities to newscasters to the girl next door, Kim has organized it ALL! Kim is absolutely the whole package, and she is multi-passionate like me! She’s an organizing pro, and she has incredible interior design skills that pair so well together. Truly, she’s sharp as a tack, always thinking outside the box, and just so much fun!

cereal in cupboard

Behind the Scenes

It was REALLY important for me to be as real as possible with you guys on this. It’s definitely not easy sharing that I’ve been stuffing random boxes and bags into my shelves when I project this Pinterest-perfect image in so many of my photos… but I need all of you to know that this IS my real life. Real as it gets! ;) This is my legit before and after – not just for a photo shoot or news segment, but as we live behind closed doors.

Before Photos of the Pantry

food on kitchen counter

I had everything you could possibly think of in the pantry, yet when I looked at it I had no idea what was in there! Pulling everything out was a total game-changer.

cans in the cupboard

Pantry Organization

My favorite before and after Kim did is hands down the pantry. I could not stop staring at the before and after photos! We used cute storage bins with bin clip labels to store things like sauce and boxes, and it was a total game-changer.

Pro Tip from Kim: Store like items with other like items. Group things together in your pantry and kitchen. Sauces together, spices in one place, canned goods, etc…it’ll be a huge time saver!


How to Organize Your Pantry

Let me tell you, if you go to The Container Store with Kim, you will feel like a VIP! ;) The Container Store literally had a container for everything and all of the girls knew Kim on a first-name basis. My favorite containers we used for the pantry were the OXO Cereal Containers. The grip perfectly fits in your hand when reaching and it keeps it air tight closed. Now that we have had these containers for a few weeks, it’s been so great to know exactly when we’re running low on cereal. We also used Rectangle storage containers for things like flour, sugar, and oatmeal.

Pro Tip from Kim: Take stock of all the dry goods in your pantry. Think: cereal, flour, sugar, pasta, oats, pancake mix, nuts, crackers, cookies…Anything that can be taken out of the box or bag.  Put all of those items into storage containers, then label each one.

Kitchen Labels

Because I didn’t want to hand write all of the items on the containers, I found the most perfect labels for it!  They are stickers and you get over 100+ in each bundle for everything you can imagine. Both are available with Prime, and I literally got them the next day! I got black labels for the storage bins in the kitchen cabinets and the white labels for things in the pantry!

Before Photos of the Drawers

I literally just had things stuffed in drawers with no rhyme or reason. Even our silverware divider had random things in it! ;)

kitchen silverware

silverware in the drawer
silverware in drawers

Kitchen Drawers

Organizing the drawers was such a game-changer, and Kim had the best ideas to keep things separated! It feels so good for everything to have a spot and to be in its place.
Pro Tip from Kim: Measure all your drawers for drawer dividers. They will change everything! Flatware, kitchen utensils, junk drawer… head to The Container Store with your measurements and grab a divided organizer that will fit in your drawer, or create one with the smaller pieces. Make sure to measure the height of your drawer as well. Some drawer inserts are 3”h, while your drawer may only be 2.5”h.

paper in kitchen drawer

kitchen misc in drawer

Organization Tips

We also came up with the idea of the Mommy Drawer together! This was a new concept we thought of on the fly. I wanted a drawer where I could keep my sunglasses instead of them getting crushed in my purse (sunglasses cases tend to take up too much room), keys, paper clips and pencils, stapler (always need for homework), and hair ties (because when you’re cooking and your hair falls in your face, it’s the worst!). I absolutely love that I was able to devote a whole drawercon to the things that are most useful right at my fingertips! We used drawer organizers to organize it all and I am in love.

Before Photos of the Cabinets

cups in the cabinet

mugs in the cupboard

Similar to the drawers, there wasn’t really a perfect spot for anything. Functional, but definitely not organized!

bowls in the cupboard

labeled container

How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

Kim helped with reorganizing all of the cabinets in the kitchen as well, helping me to only pull out what’s important and the things we use every day! We used hanging shelves to add another level within the cabinet for better storage! We also used white storage bins to put things like chips, nuts, and other treats for the kids in one simple spot.

Pro Tip from Kim: Keep everyday dishes, glasses and mugs within arms reach, easily accessible.  You can store your entertaining items separately, platters and such that you don’t use as often.

spices in a cupboard

We also incorporate multiple turntables, or Lazy Susans, to make more space and to organize spices. Seriously, brilliant!

Pro Tip from Kim: Turntables are a great option for smaller, shallower cabinets and shelves. They work great for spices in a smaller space, but if you’ve got the height, you can use them for anything!

To keep all of the pots and pans organized, we stacked all of the like sizes. All of the lids were taken off and we used a lid organizer to easily store them!

standing in front of the cupboard

Home Organization

We spent so much time together during this whole process that I learned so many new tips about organizing from Kim, but we also talked about our business successes and vulnerabilities. And at the end of this project, not only did I have a gorgeous kitchen, but I have a new friend – love you Kim! When she left, we literally felt a void in our house because she’s so full of personality and so much fun! I’m telling ya, with Kim she’s the whole package – which must be why TV loves her!

people standing in the kitchen

So there you have it, our before and after of my kitchen! While we were organizing, we were so thrilled to have a crew come shoot the after footage for a big reveal! Our segment will be debuting on ABC10 in June with Monica Woods. Are you looking for organization tips for a project? What room do you need to tackle in your home?! I’d love to hear all of the tips you have in the comments below! 

kitchen organizing

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by The Container Store, but all opinions are my own.

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