As a lifelong California girl, I’ve always heard constant debates on whether Northern California (San Francisco) or Southern California (Los Angeles!!!) is better! Please don’t hate me, but I have to admit to you that Southern California has ALWAYS been my favorite. I am a true blue LA girl at heart. Maybe it’s the way the sun hits just right for bright and airy photos, or maybe it’s the area or the beaches or all of the amazing things to see and do. Pretty much every day in LA feels like SUN-day! ;) Wouldn’t you agree?!


I feel like there is a non-stop array of fun trends coming straight out of LA since LA is so celebrity and entertainment- based. From the food to the fashion to the connections,  – there is so much incredible collaboration going on! This YouTube video kind of sums the vibe up in a nutshell. Now it probably all makes sense to you why I’ve pondered the idea of moving down there several times… but since we have so much already established in Sacramento, California, I am biting the bullet.



This summer, staycations have been our jam – on repeat! Sometimes we’ll go explore the city as a family or, even once in a very blue moon, I’ll take my cruiser downtown, sunglasses (preferably – these super chic Beverly Sunglasses), and just make a morning to myself of it. The older I get, the more I am learning how powerful and important “me: time is (no, it does not make you selfish – it recharges your battery so you can be the best version of yourself).  ;) There have been so many colorful murals, entertainment, fashion, and eats pouring out of Sacramento, so I sort of get my LA fix when I go downtown for the time being. ;) I like to call it a mini San- Francisco- meets- LA (except no ocean with a much smaller population).


As fall is pretty much here (hello pumpkin spice lattes!), I have to spill to you on how AMAZING LA is in the fall. I went there a few years back to do a social media tour in October, and it was GORGEOUS. I have to say, that trip was one of my most memorable work-cations! If you have time to squeeze it in, I cannot encourage you enough to make a dash for it! Pack your bags, bust out your favorite sunnies (lately, I’ve been loving these 
Laurel Round Sunglasses and Pico Round Sunglasses from the affordable Zenni LA collection…true story! They just released 25 stylish pairs of shades inspired by the iconic streets of LA). I probably won’t be going back until January for some business…Throw a couple adorable kids (one who starts Kindergarten this Thursday) and a business into the mix, and I am sure it all makes sense why it’s been hard for me to get away with so much going on these days. But in the mean time, I’ll totally be there in spirit with you! ;)


Photography for Best Friends for Frosting by Two Twenty Photos.


This post is sponsored by Zenni Optical. All opinions are my own.  Thanks so much for supporting the brands that allow us to share fun content. 

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