Make your Easter festivities extra special this year and save money at the same time by doing some DIYs! Don’t be scared — we know not everyone’s completely comfortable with DIYs, but now is the time to try. We’ve rounded up free printables, upcycling, and craft ideas for you to try. Feel free to get as creative or simple as you’d like!

Even though it’s not Valentine’s Day, it’s always a good time for a lovable pun! Put these up around the house or gift it to a few friends at work to hang up in their office. (via The Pretty Blog)


These Happy Easter printables come in so many cute pastel colors! (via Kiki & Company)


This printable is perfect for those getting their Easter egg hunt on! Keep calm and hunt on, folks. (via The Hands-On Housewife)


Take that boring wood chair you have in storage and spruce it up for Easter! Mint green is perfect for the season, and the chair looks especially cute because it’s half-painted. (via Elle Decoration Sweden)


Make your everyday balloons pop by painting them! It’s such a simple way to dress the ordinary to make it extraordinary. (via A Subtle Revelry)


Give your wood utensils a fun makeover by dipping them in colorful paint!  (via A Simple Kind of Life)


Stripe and color your plain tablecloth to make it a work of art. (via Oh Happy Day)


Get some sticks filled with confetti and glitter ready before the big celebration! They’re adorable unsealed and come in handy at a party setup. (via Best Friends for Frosting)

gold-dipped -feather-garland

Dip feathers in gold paint (and glitter) to make a tasteful, classy garland for the home. (via Best Friends for Frosting)


Expecting company? Make a batch of these adorable paper bunny place cards for your guests! (via Better Homes and Gardens)


Skip the store and make your very own Easter-themed garlands! (via Titatoni)


A candy dispenser can help moderate candy consumption while posing as charming Easter decor. (via Mommo Design)


Not a big fan of sweets? Make some cascarones and fill them with confetti, colorful paper, and glitter! (via Muy Bueno)


There are so many nifty things to do with paint chips. Take a few Easter hues and string them together for a DIY garland! (via Modern Parents Messy Kids)


Take all the egg cartons you have lying around and make them into Easter present boxes! (via Design Mom)


Who knew eggshells could turn out to be the perfect Easter-themed vases? Gather a bunch of them together and you have yourself a creative centerpiece!  (via Little Inspiration)

nail polish easter egg gift

Packaging is key. Slip pastel nail polish into a large Easter egg and wrap it up to make an adorable party favor! (via Eighteen25)


Decorate pouches and slip a few small candies inside for sweet and simple gift. (via BLANK)


Kids will love this pop-up bunny DIY. It’s like a handmade puppet! (via Mer Mag)


Satisfy your sweet tooth with classic bunny-shaped Easter cookies! (via La Recetada de la Felicidad)


These paper bunnies are such an inspiration. Think of all the Easter crafts you could create with just paper! (via Chloé Fluery)

Which DIY will you try first? Are you all about decor or is dessert more your style?

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