Linen Closet Organization

Are you in need of organization tips to completely reorganize your linen closet? Look no further! Organizing your linen closet can be a hassle, but if you follow the organization ideas in this post, you will be set!

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Home Organization

Welcome back to my second episode of cribs! ;) After how amazing my coat closet turned out, it was so time to also revamp my linen/utilities closet. Who else has a messy hall closet with everything you can imagine in it?! I don’t go into this closet as often as I do my others, so I just let it go and let it get super messy! It had gotten to the point where I kept stumbling and tripping over things. Oops! Who knows the feeling? I knew it was time for an overhaul! Home organization expert, Kim from Kim’s Closets Plus, came over again to help after we did the coat closet and after the amazing transformation when reorganizing our kitchen!  I am so glad I finally made this a priority!

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How to Organize Your Closet

Having Kim back to help with this closet was so helpful! She seriously worked her magic to make it 100% more organized! I was totally guilty of having bathroom products, sheets, blankets, and everything in between shoved in here!

Cleaning the Closet

Do you have a hall closet that’s just super unorganized? I swear we all do! It’s normal! But the good thing, is that with a few easy organization tips it can totally be transformed! Before Kim got to tackling my linen closet, I had too many things shoved away. I had so many towels and sheets I’m not even sure I used anymore, blankets that haven’t been placed out since we redecorated the house, and many products I forgot I even bought. There was just a lot going on in that closet, and I desperately needed Kim’s help!

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How to Organize A Closet

If you’re like me, cleaning your linen closet has been a long time coming. It’s such a dreaded task, but I absolutely love the outcome! I especially love that everything is in clear bins, so I can see what is in each without having to dig through.

Pro tip from Kim: When organizing my client’s linen/utility closets, most of the time over half of what’s in them goes into the donation or trash pile. People keep old sheets, blankets, towels, washcloths way past their prime and you don’t need them all. Not to mention all the expired sunblock, medicines, cosmetics, and products. Pull everything out first and take stock of what you really need to keep.

Storage Bins

We used these Sweater Boxes for our towels and blankets. It made it SO easy to see which towels were in what bin, so I could grab them quickly when needed! Talk about a game-changer!

Pro tip from Kim: Clear bins and labels are the way to go in a closet like this. Group all the sheets by size and label label label! Same for towels and blankets.

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Organizing Tips

Since we are a busy family, I do like shopping in bulk, but that just means I need to find places to put everything! That is why these Multi-Purpose Bins and Storage Bins with Handles to put all of my shampoos, hair sprays, toothpastes, etc. were so helpful! I keep these items on a higher shelf so it is easy for me to grab when needed, and out of reach for the kids.

Pro tip from Kim: Most people don’t have room for all their products in the bathroom, so the linen closet becomes a place for back-stock. Sort all hair, skin, kid products into their own containers and label. This will save you time and money! If you know where your back-stock is and can see what you have, I promise that you will spend less at the store!

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Plastic Storage Bins

I also used the Multi-Purpose Bins for first aid and medicines. I keep these bins on the top shelf of the closet, so the kids cannot get into them. I like keeping items like this out of reach, and it keeps things organized to where I can find them easily!

Pro tip from Kim: Medicines, of course should be labeled and kept out of reach of children, but accessible enough for you to grab in a flash! Also, make sure you have a clearly labeled first aid container so it’s easy to grab when you need it. 

Closet Organizer

I absolutely LOVE using this Divided Lazy Susan for items such as my sunglasses, hair ties, jewelry, etc. The dividers allow each item to go in its own space, and since it can spin I can grab my items easily, no matter what! Now I don’t need to take down a bin and search through it to find the perfect hairpiece I need!

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Home Organization

Kim has been one of the biggest blessings when it comes to my home organization. I don’t know how I would have done this without her! It can get so easy to let things slip and get messy, but her tips and tricks will now make sure everything is more manageable! I hope these tips work as well for you as they did me. Which bin do you think you’d put in your closet? What are your best organization tips? Let me know in the comments below!

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