If you’re an avid Pinterest user like us, chances are you’ve clicked on a to-die-for swimsuit, stunning LBD or killer heels in your feed, and ended up at Keep.com– a fashion lover’s paradise where the latest trends are instantly stoppable. Best of all, some of the planet’s hottest trendsetters curate the best in clothing, jewellery, beauty, homewares and more. In a nutshell, it’s an online shopper’s dream.

We’re delighted to have Keep’s founder Courtney Harwood with us today and she shares with us her style icons, what’s hot this season, and what a typical day looks like for this busy Manhattan woman.

1. How did Keep get started?

Our team saw a real opportunity to take visual discovery, an emerging trend just a few years ago, and make it immediately shop-able. Millions of members have discovered their newest handbag, the trendiest cuff earring and the perfect hostess gift, simply by browsing the Keep Trending feed which changes constantly.

We launched our mobile app and our usage really took off. We realized that mobile is the future (and it’s NOW!) and that we could make mobile shopping across thousands of stores easier, more spontaneous and, frankly, more fun.

2. What does the process look like to become a member?

Simply sign up for free at Keep.com or get our free app for iOS or Android. With a few simple steps, you’ve set up your account and can start browsing, Keeping and buying.

3. What are some of your most popular items on Keep?

For summer we are seeing off-the-shoulder tops, mint green and rose accessories, pineapples, fun sneakers and boho chic trending in the app. Year round, we see iPhone cases, clever mugs and tank tops, and trendy statement accessories like earrings and necklaces. We also have a ‘Popular’ style channel that highlights all time faves among our Keepers.

4. What other social media platforms does Keep use on a regular basis to gain more ecommerce traffic?

Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are our top social sources. Not surprisingly, they are all very visually driven and popular among women who like fashion, home décor and shopping! Instagram helps us reach a very fashion forward crowd and we were one of the first brands to make our feed shoppable. Pinterest is an amazing source of ideas and traffic to both our website and mobile app. The Facebook community really responds to funny products and stories. We are working on our Snapchat presence, but there are only so many hours in a day!

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5. How would you describe the style of Keep?

The Keep ‘style’ is defined by our community. We’re a platform where the trendsetter can influence, discover and buy whatever is most popular at any given time. But if I had to describe what’s most often trending on the site, I’d say it’s simple chic meets the feisty festival-goer meets the classic woman.

6.  What trends are you excited about for Fall/Winter 2016?

Velvet is having a moment which will be fun for holiday parties and late Fall/early winter. I’m really looking forward to the graphic black and white mod looks that will be making a comeback very soon. I’m also thinking of experimenting with some of the boho print mixing we saw from Burberry and Chloé, but it’s TBD on whether I’m brave enough to stray from my preppy roots!

7.  Who is your fashion icon?

Fashion Icon- There’s no question my style falls from the racks of J.Crew, Tory Burch and Zara.  I’m your classic preppy dresser so it’s not surprising that Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and Jackie Kennedy are big inspirations.

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8. How does Keep differentiate from competitors?

Keep does discovery shopping better than anyone out there (in my humble opinion)! We’re different because of our active community and the popularity algorithm that dictates our  trending feed, which is how we show you really cool, fresh and trending stuff to buy, every time you visit. No one else can do it like we do and it keeps our community coming back to discover something new.

9. What does a typical day look like at the Keep offices?

Typical day, is there a better way to say jam packed?  It’s starts with a large coffee and hopefully some exercise before I leave the house. Our office is in midtown Manhattan and we often start the day with a team meeting to go over numbers, issues and plans for the week. Calls with advertisers and partners, team lunch 3x a week to keep us humming, and Google hangouts with our iOS developer, who is currently travelling the world, make their way onto my calendar. Meetings with our designer to review sketches for something very special we are planning (top secret at the moment) and with our marketing crew to discuss growth initiatives are often daily occurrences. Afternoon coffee with our CTO and then another Google hangout with our founder. I grab the train from Grand Central to be home in time for dinner with my family. I’m back online most nights, burning the midnight oil to keep Keep humming along.

10. What is next for Keep?

There is so much innovation happening at the intersection of content and commerce right now, with both publishers and e-commerce jockeying to find the perfect mix. Keep is poised to be a leader in this arena as our products are our content, naturally, not forced. We are building new site offerings to help highlight that even further. We are also very excited to announce a sister site that will be launching in Q3! Stay tuned for more details on that.

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