How to Make Fondant Unicorn Horn Ice Cream Toppers

As the unicorn trend is at an all-time high, I couldn’t wait to share more unicorn content on the blog! It’s literally been months since a unicorn graced BFFF! ;)

In the past, I’ve seen ice cream cones decorated with bunny ears that were made out of marshmallows. I really love that idea, and that is exactly what inspired these wildly easy Fondant Unicorn Horn Ice Cream Toppers! Simplicity is gold!!

Have you ever worked with fondant before? It’s basically like playdough – except it tastes really good, and, of course you can actually eat it! ;) I have a couple tubs of it for Charlie to play with for fun! Kids LOVE it!

Remember, if you leave your fondant out for a day or two on the kitchen counter, it will harden. Always make sure to put it away!

You can use these Unicorn Horn and Ear Toppers for ice cream, like we did here, or use them to decorate cupcakes, cake, or whatever dessert you desire. The sky is the limit!



How to Make Fondant Unicorn Horn Ice Cream Toppers

Gold highlighter
Pink gel color
Strawberry ice cream
Ice cream scoop

For the Horn:

Step 1
Roll and twist two pieces of fondant together to create a horn shape.

Step 2
Stick a toothpick inside. Using a paintbrush and gold highlighter, paint your horn gold.

For the Ears:

Step 1
Make two small triangle shaped ears out of fondant.

Step 2
Using your pink gel color and a paintbrush, paint the inside of your ears. Stick toothpicks in each piece.

Using a large ice cream scoop, scoop ice cream into your cone. Place your unicorn horn and ears on top of your ice cream!

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