If you call a place a “cave,” it doesn’t mean it has to be dark, desolate, or downright dirty! Case in point: the man cave. It’s a secluded spot meant for the guy and a few chosen ones, and he can decorate it however he wants.  Whether he wants a cabin, a castle, or a patriotic palace, there are tons of different ways to customize the space — ways that you two can agree on!  Check out a few of our favorites for inspiration!

With a sleek and modern design, this flatscreen man cave is the perfect place to unwind and veg out. (via Refined Guy)


Accent colors and framed pictures are a simple way to create a versatile, sophisticated man cave. (via Design is What You Can Get Away With)


Use painted plywood and old license plates to create a unique United States map to hang in your man cave! (via Shaken Together)


Customized furniture like this reclaimed factory cart coffee table will instantly add character and flair. This cart is sure to impress any caveman or woman! (via The Alternative Consumer)


No man cave would be complete without a bar. Use statement pieces to create a focal point, like the unique bar stools seen here. (via DIY Network)


A wall full of shelves can also double nicely as a bar. (via Sadie + Stella)


Your cave, your rules! For a playful DIY decoration, apply vinyl to a metal sheet and insert into a frame without the glass. Show off your list of man cave rules. (via Ben Franklin Crafts & Frame Shop)


Highlight a focal point, like this pool table, to create an organic order and flow in your man cave. (via Front Door)


Go all out with a walk in refrigerator! You’ll never have to leave the comfort of your space. (via BuzzFeed)


Create an ultimate sports man cave with multiple televisions, a large couch, and bar. (via Man Cave Heaven)

What will you do to make your man cave the envy of all your friends?


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