Mid Century Modern Door Color Inspiration

This past weekend, we drove around a little city called Davis to look at Streng neighborhoods – in real life! ;) And we did this ALL while we had 2 kids in the car. Charlie and Claire are by far more patient than I ever was at their age! ;) So for friends who are not familiar with what a Streng home is, it’s a mid-century modern (MCM) home built by the Streng Brothers and designed by Carter Sparks. Strengs have a modern feel to them, lower pitched roofs, high windows, few windows in front, skylights in many cases, and they often have terrariums too. Streng homes are mine and Andy’s absolute favorite!! Even though we don’t officially have one yet, we’re visualizing that our time will come soon! Most of the houses around Sacrameto and Davis that we saw had either orange or neon green doors!! While I still like them, I also feel like they are overdone and would LOVE to do something different that Andy and I can both agree on. Something that will feel timeless but feel like “us”. I was so inspired that I literally just created 2 new Pinterest boards curating my favorite Mid Century Modern door paint colors (not all the houses on this board are MCM.  Some of them were pinned specifically for the shade of door color) and even added a couple pins to our outdoor landscaping inspiration. If you’re into this kind of stuff too, I invite you to click each link I mentioned and follow along as I’ll be continuing to build inspiration on these all throughout the year.  In the mean time, I wanted to share with you my favorite colors of doors that I am obsessed with! I promise they’re not ALL pink and to be totally honest with you, we’re most likely leaning towards a shade of blue / teal for the door when it actually happens… we’ll see! In the mean time, here are my most favorite colored doors!! (Image above via Kelly Go Lightly)

Love this tone of blue! Though I don’t think this is going to be the exact shade we will use, it’s definitely inspiring. It pairs SO well with the palm trees and bright blue skies. (via Salty Canary)

I LOVE this flamingo shade of pink! I also really like how the green pops against the white and pink. Even though the mat and decor isn’t totally up my alley, this door is very inspiring. (via Look Linger Love)

YELLOW! I have recently been drawn more and more to yellow these days. I used to not be a big fan, but it’s growing on me! (via Splendid Habitat)

Pink, White, and Green! I know I talk about this door ALL the time, but it’s definitely my fave. The gold pineapple door knocker is to live for!  (via A Beautiful Mess)

This is a fun shade of turquoise. I love the globe light and cactuses! Oh and modern address numbers too! (via TK Smith)

Let’s just focus on the colors of the doors here! This is fun. It’s sort of like a peach meets pink!  (via CN Traveler)

I know this house isn’t modern. Let’s just stay focused on the door color here too. I am really enjoying this color pink. (via Elements of Style)

This has got to be my most favorite painted color door so far. You’re probably surprised I am not saying that about pink! ;)  I can’t have everything pink though right?! Or can I?!  (via Jesse C)

And just because I am so obsessed, I have to include the interior of this AMAZING pink door! =) (via A Beautiful Mess)

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