Mid Century Modern Home Plans

Lately, I have received so many messages and comments regarding the progress of our Mid Century Modern Home.  I figured it would be fun to put a post together re-capping all of our completed and future home renovation plans. Now that the #SOBestFriendsForFrosting Airbnb is completely and totally DONE, I can get the ball rolling on our home!  That’s just one house down and one to go! ;)  We now return to our regularly scheduled Mid Century Modern Home renovations! ;)  Some of you may remember that Andy and I ended up house hunting for 3 entire long years.  Huge shout out to our amazing Real Estate agent, Paloma Begin.  I wanted to stay in the same neighborhood I practically grew up in, while Andy was firm on the architecture we purchased.  There are only a small amount of Streng homes in the neighborhood. It’s rare when one comes up… but we did it!


Before Photos of the Home + Completed Rooms

Does anyone remember these “before” photos and inspiration sharing where we planned to take the design? I remember feeling so nervous posting these because I was afraid some may not understand our vision. It was a total fixer-upper!   Last  Summer we installed VCT flooring throughout most of the rooms of the home. I ended up sharing this blog post on how to install VCT floor.   We also updated the kitchen while keeping the original wood.  Wait until you see the “before” photos in that post. ;)



Charlie’s Coastal Beach Room + My Gingham Modern Office

This past weekend, we just completed everything with Charlie’s bedroom! He totally loves it and you’ll be able to see his adorable room on the blog next week! We also wrapped up everything with my home office and our first product launch with The Claire Desk! I’m still totally amazed at how quickly it sold and incredibly grateful for all of your support through that process!  I’ll keep sharing rooms and updates as they come along, but for now here is where we are with our Mid Century Modern Home! :)

Mid Century Modern Living Room

The living room was one of the only rooms that came together in a flash! Seriously I’m still amazed how quickly this room came to life. A lot of credit for this room goes to the incredible team at Joybird.  We partnered with them to send product to makeover the entire room. Andy and I had  a lot of fun designing this room together. The Joybird team flew out for an entire day a few weeks back and photographed the living room at the Airbnb, and our living room at our mid century modern home. You know my favorite pink chair in the Airbnb? It’s from Joybird! The design is so perfect.  The room has these beautiful beachy vibes that I LOVE! I’m really excited for this space and the entire room reveal.  Stay tuned, it will be coming to the blog and Joybird.com very, very soon! 


Claire’s Decorated Bedroom

Now that we have Charlie’s bedroom all wrapped up, I get to finish up Claire’s room! I truly only have a few last minute touches to add on. ;) The whole room has been an on-going collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids.  PBK did Claire’s unicorn nursery 3 years ago! Where has the time gone?? Working with PBK again has been a complete dream.  I am a kid at heart too! ;)    Have I ever told you guys that I could LIVE in Pottery Barn Kids?? Andy would probably lose his mind, but it’s one of my favorite stores in the whole wide world. It took me three hours total just to pick out the kid’s backpacks from PBK and personalize the fonts this year. #Perfectionist  I got so wrapped up that I completely lost track of time! When I was little, I always dreamed of being a mom and being able to do little things like this for my kids. Now here I am! Decorating Claire’s room has involved a lot of decisions, but the process is so super fun.
<img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-100526" src="http://bestfriendsforfrosting.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/modern-house.jpg" alt="" width="1024" height="1536" /

Exterior Of The House

Before the summer ends we are also hoping to have the exterior of the house completely re-re-painted. Yes, that’s right, we have to paint again! We originally selected this gray paint that both Andy and I absolutely loved, but ended up being a complete bust. The color itself had browner tones than we liked, so we found a lighter shade of gray from BEHR paint that we love.  Andy is the one doing all the painting though, so he has a lot of paint scraping ahead of him! I feel completely awful for him!  I think I might need to do an entire blog post on how to pick the right shades of paint and what to look out for.  We both learned so much about paint during this experience.  We also have the mid century modern landscaping to think about, but I have a feeling that’s going to be a project for next year. I would love to have the landscaping totally in place, but all of these projects have been taking up so much time! Plus Andy and I really can’t even decide what kind of landscaping we would like. I’m definitely anxious to get the landscaping all finished, but I think it’s one of the tasks I’ll have to be patient on. Or at least try to be ;)

Our Family Room

I feel like this room reveal is taking forever! To be fair though, it’s only taking so long to reveal because it’s so hard to find the perfect rug.  Finding perfect rugs have been the #1 hardest task.  It’s embarrassing, but we’ve gone through about 30 different rugs since we started. I kid you not! We keep ordering rugs and then they just don’t look quite right in the space. Seriously every time we have to load another rug back up in the van, I’m like “not this again!” Hopefully this next one we have ordered will be perfect and I can finally share the room with you guys!

Updates To Our Bathrooms

Once all the major rooms are checked off of our list, we are going to totally remodel both of our bathrooms. These bathrooms you guys — oh my goodness. They have not been updated in FOREVER! They are definitely in need of a little extra love.  We are working with Kohler with both bathroom renovations.  Andy is going to DIY as much as possible. We’ll bring in a contractor for some of the trickier parts, but I’m ecstatic that these bathrooms are going to get a personalized overhaul!

Shop the look from Modernica Case Study Planter & Pink Armshell Modern Chair

Final Finishes

Phew, as if all of that isn’t enough, there are a few things and rooms we’ll still have left before the house is completely done. For starters, we haven’t done much to our master bedroom. Isn’t that kind of funny? We’re doing tons of work to our house, but it feels like our bedroom is going to be the last big room to tackle. It’s very minimal right now, but very livable.  If I’m totally telling the truth, I just haven’t felt super inspired with the room yet. I know the decor dream will come to me, but for now I’m just focusing my energy elsewhere!  Our laundry room is another room that I’ll have to get to….eventually. The laundry room is actually pretty nice! It has around 40 different cabinets and they’re all white. The whole space was updated quite some time ago and I really love it. It just needs a few finishing touches and it will be my new favorite place to do laundry! ;)
Typing all of that out makes it sound like a lot more than I originally thought haha. There is for sure a LOT of work to be done and a LOT of things we want to get done. I won’t lie to you guys, there are definitely some moments where it feels completely overwhelming.   Andy and I have fought a lot about our visions for this home renovation but we’re meeting in the middle and it’s worked out a lot better than I expected. ;)  I know in the end the whole project is going to be so incredibly worth it! :)  Love having you guys on this ride together! You guys make this fun!   If anyone has tips or advice on home renovations, I would looooove to hear all about them.  We are learning as we go. 


Photography for BFFF by Ashley Baumgartner.  Last image of Claire in pink chair by Andy Johnson.

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