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Mid Century Modern Kitchen

After weeks and weeks of work, I finally have my kitchen back! That’s right! The home renovations to our kitchen are completely done! Being able to cook and bake in this Mid Century modern kitchen has been a dream come true! With all of the difficult design decisions we had to make with the kitchen, I honestly wasn’t sure it would ever get done! But of course, it was all worth it in the end. :) We ended up changing a lot less than I thought we would, but I am so happy with the design! Our kitchen is filled with clean, simple lines that gives it a really great original Mid Century Modern feel. The whole room actually has a super timeless, but modern design! Plus, I now have a whole new set of excuses to bake the day away ;)



Our Original Kitchen

The vintage feel and foundation of our kitchen is actually one of the things that made us first fall in love with our house! The original layout and design of the kitchen was created by the architect, Carter Sparks. He was a very popular modernist architect in the 1950s and I get to see his houses all the time when I’m driving around the city!  If you haven’t heard of him, Google his name and you will know exactly what type of houses we are talking about! The overall feel and look of his designs are always timeless! His design finally came to life in 1965 when the Streng Brothers built out our kitchen. I loved the sleek, modern look of our kitchen as soon as we toured it! But when it came time to renovate the kitchen, Andy and I really struggled to make a plan. After a lot of thinking, planning, and pinning ;) we decided on a design that would restore the original Mid-Century modern kitchen’s aesthetic! I’m beyond happy with how the whole room turned out! I love how the overall balance pays tribute to the house’s beautiful history, while still feeling modern. Ready to see what we did?!

Before photo of our Mid Century Modern Kitchen… (Click here for “Before” photos of our entire house)



After Photo of our Mid Century Modern Kitchen:



White Kitchen Counters

Trying to decide on the perfect kitchen counters was one of the easiest decisions we had to make! Like the rest of the renovations, we wanted the counters to resemble the original aesthetic. The original kitchen was actually outfitted with bright white Formica counters. I loved the white look of the counters, but Formica was not exactly ideal. Between the craziness of two kids and hosting frequent parties and family dinners, I knew we needed something a bit more solid and sturdy. The previous owners must have had a similar thought, because they upgraded the Formica to granite countertops in the 1990s. Granite is definitely a solid and sturdy option, but the overall look was just not quite right. We really wanted to have something to bring back more of the clean original look of the Formica. We finally stumbled across Corian® Solid Surface counters and I fell in love!! My grandparents and cousin both swear by them, as they have it installed in their kitchens and bathrooms. Turns out, Corian® Solid Surface is actually the same material that designers use for the counters at Starbucks and hospitals. Another fun fact: Did you know there are even ways to clean a permanent Sharpie mark off Corian® Solid Surface? It was the perfect composition and durable enough to hold up against all of our kitchen chaos! It’s sturdy, clean, and to this day, I love the physical feel of it. After looking at a HUGE sample book and going through all of the different colors, we chose Modern White. The color really resembled the original countertop color that we’d been obsessing over!  When installing it, we had the contractor pour it in as liquid to create a seamless sink that flowed directly in with the countertops.  Corian® Solid Surface is unique in the sense that several steps are involved in the installation – including seaming pieces together which can be done on-site.  We were over the moon with the fact that our sink is made from the same material, creating a seamless transition from counter to sink – meaning no sink lip to collect dirt and grime! The whole installation (not including product) only cost $2,400 and I have been so incredibly happy with them!




Our Kitchen Cabinets

Once we finally committed to our Corian® Solid Surface countertops, fixing up the kitchen cabinets became a tricky decision! By the time we were ready to start considering cabinet options, I was already in full renovation mode! I had a whole secret Pinterest board just dedicated to kitchen cabinet options! The kitchen cabinets were perfectly fine, but I was ready to paint them white! I have always dreamed of having an entirely white kitchen, so I was beyond ready to start layering on coats of white paint to our Birch wood cabinets! I know a lot of Mid-Century Modern enthusiasts might hate me for having that thought… But the more and more I thought about it, the more it just didn’t feel right. A totally white kitchen didn’t really fit with the integrity of the home as it was originally designed. I went back to the Pinterest drawing board for other options, and it took weeks before Andy and I came to a conclusion! Ironically, the conclusion was right under our noses the whole time! In all of our research, we actually learned that the cabinets had been untouched since 1965, when the house was built. The wood has completely held up and the cabinets are still totally intact. The big thing we realized is that once you paint over these cabinets, there is no going back. You cannot get original wood from 1965 back! Plus, when we decide to sell the home one day, the originality would be a huge selling point. The whole time I had been looking for a way to do the original cabinets justice, and we had the original cabinets in place the whole time! Instead of any major renovations, we chose to stain the original wood. Our new color adds a sharper contrast to the white countertops and creates a wonderful warmth to the whole space!



Mid Century Modern Interior Design Touches

After the major pieces of our interior design overhaul were completed, we got to work on the finishing touches! We actually updated all of the kitchen appliances to new stainless steel features. Adding in the new appliances made such a massive difference! They were the perfect choice to keep with the modern, Mid-Century feel we had been going with. Then I picked a few, small pieces to bring some additional color and warmth into the room! These little succulents look so cute next to the sink and I filled the rest of the kitchen with some gorgeous flowers from Bloom Flowers. I also had a totally last minute stroke of interior design inspiration and switched up the light fixture. The kitchen originally had a fluorescent light box straight from the 1980s! Instead we replaced it with a hanging globe pendant. It’s absolutely gorgeous and is super close to what would have been in the house originally!

I’m just so excited to finally show you guys our new Mid Century modern kitchen! It was such an exhausting process, but so, so, so worth the work! Have any of you ever refreshed or completely renovated your kitchens? What about bathrooms? I’m starting work on that next and would love any tips you guys have!
Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Corian® Solid Surface. All opinions are my own. Thanks so much for supporting the brands who support BFFF.


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