Mid-Century Modern Living Room

I have been on the tips of my toes waiting to share our new living room reveal with you! Our living room is one of my favorite rooms in our Mid-Century Modern Home. I absolutely love the way the sun shines through the floor-to-ceiling windows, which are parallel to the front windows. It’s such a peaceful room to spend time together as a family! Some of you may remember earlier this fall when the Joybird team flew out to our home to take exclusive photos for their website. I finally got them ALL back along with the green light to share them with you! So excited!


This design has been such a labor of love. Andy and I took our individual design tastes and compromised to create a room we both would love! I truly feel like the Living Room is one of the most important rooms in any home. Does anyone remember when we shared our VCT Tile Floor reveal with Armstrong Flooring? Or if you really want to go down memory lane, check out the before photos of our home. It’s seriously incredible to see how far we’ve come!

Designing a Cozy and Chic Living Space

When choosing pieces for the living room, I was on a mission to find the perfect sofa. I initially selected a pink sofa, but later changed my mind. I feel like the sofa is the most important piece in a living room – and definitely the piece that will get the most use from our family! I wanted something that would work well with the design of the home, but would also be comfy and practical for everyday use. This gray Eliot Grand sofa was the absolute PERFECT choice for our needs! I love the modern design, but I especially love that the fabric is practically stain proof! Did you know that you can even spill wine on this sofa and it will come right out?! Life happens… and the last thing I want is to be worried about is any of us staining the furniture. ;)

Comfortable Arm Chair

Another one of my favorite pieces in the room is this Soto Concave Arm Chair. This chair is seriously the best of both worlds – I love how I don’t have to worry about it holding up to daily wear and tear. We selected Sunbrella Premier Fog as the fabric shade with Cherry Wood as the frame. I love how the design of this chair seriously felt like it was meant to be in our home!

We had so much fun collaborating with Joybird on this room reveal. Now that the room is complete and I have officially shouted it from the rooftops, I am finally feeling like this is home! Which piece is YOUR favorite?


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