Clean, minimalistic homes will never go out of style! We are completely in awe of this beautiful home. With light details and a view that can’t be beat, who wouldn’t want to move in?! Ami Mckay of PURE is giving us a look at her gorgeous house and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s no surprise that the interior designer has a house that looks straight out a magazine! We love the mixture of white and natural elements that compliment each other so perfectly. Check out what Ami has to say below and get ready for some major interior inspiration!


How did you discover your passion for interior design?

I’ve had a passion for design since I was little kid. I would wait for my parents to leave the house and then run around re-arranging all the furniture. I also loved walking around my neighborhood looking at all the different color schemes and how I would change them; I just wanted to make everyones house more beautiful! When I was 10 years old my first floor plan came to life! I redesigned my baby sitter’s house to accommodate a room for me!


As an interior designer, how often are you applying your own designs to your own home?

I have my own bedding line called PURE, which you can buy at Bed Bath & Beyond. I sleep on my soft, bamboo sheets every night! We also have throws and toss cushions from the same line and I keep those in the living room. Other pieces like handmade PURE mugs and a handcrafted dining table can be found in our home.


How often are you changing/updating/revamping your own home decor?

We are at a stage where we don’t really need anything; our home is pretty complete! We are really happy the way it is. I occasionally change up small things like toss cushions and throws, but for the most part we really love everything we have. I will buy the odd thing if I find something I really love.


Where do you find inspiration for a client, when their style may be very different than your own?

I get inspiration from the client. We try to curate a design based on them, who they are, their lifestyle, the style of their house and what they want for the future.


What advice would you give to those who are furnishing their first home or Apartment and feel overwhelmed by the idea of design?

Don’t waste money on filler. It is important to buy things you love, instead of filling your space with pieces that are “okay”, just to have furniture. Create a Pinterest board to remind you of pieces you really like and want to have in your home. This will help to inspire you when you are planning and shopping.


What statement piece do you recommend everyone invest it?

Art. Choose pieces that evoke an emotion you relate to and that make you feel like you’ve come home.


What are your go to colors when putting together a living room or office?

White! I love the combination of a white palette with warm, natural textures like whicker and wood.


Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by: Janis Nicolay Photography
Styling for Best Friends For Frosting by: Ami Mckay, PURE

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