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Mom-osa Mocktail

Looking for a great mocktail recipe? This easy alcohol-free option is perfect for any day or celebration!


Can you believe we finally made it to 2021? Here’s to the new year! It’s safe to say 2020 was definitely a crazy one, and we’re so excited to put it in our rearview. And while there’s been plenty of celebrating throughout the holiday season and New Year’s, January might just call for another reason to raise a toast. It’s the perfect time to reflect on what you’re hoping for in 2021 and to celebrate all that’s within your own four walls at home. And one of my favorite ways to do that is with a delicious drink in hand!


Dry January Recipes

Raise your hand if you’re going alcohol-free for a while? Dry January is definitely a popular concept, as people focus on taking a break from drinking alcohol. It may be because there was a bit too much indulgence over the holiday season, it may be a resolution, or it may even be your norm. For me, my diet is alcohol-free throughout the entire year, but that doesn’t mean I keep my drink choices boring. I love looking at fun mocktail ideas to raise a glass any day of the week, and this just might be my new favorite easy recipe!


Best Mocktail Recipe

This Mom-osa recipe is hands down my new go-to, and it’s so SO easy to make! It uses DRY Soda as the perfect alcohol-free base to create a drink that’s jam-packed with flavor. DRY Soda is delicious on its own, but I’ve been loving it mixed in a mocktail too! Want to get mixing your own zero-proof drinks? DRY has everything from a Mixology Gift Set to a great cocktail recipe book, The Guide to Zero-Proof Cocktails, to kick things off! Use coupon code (BESTFRIEND10) for 10% off sitewide now through June 1, 2021!


Mocktail Ingredients

To make your own Mom-osa drink at home, all you’ll need is 4 ounces of DRY Botanical Bubbly in your favorite flavor. We chose to use the DRY Pineapple Botanical Bubbly. You’ll also need 4 ounces of orange juice to pair with it.




How to Make a Mocktail

To make your Mom-osa, simply pour 4 ounces of the DRY Botanical Bubbly flavor of your choice into your glass. Then, add in your 4 ounces of orange juice. It’s that simple! Then, you can garnish and dress up your drink with a variety of options including your favorite berries, fresh mint, or even edible flowers. This version was garnished with a pineapple slice!


Alcohol-Free Drink Recipes

More and more I’m loving simple and easy drink recipes like this one. It can definitely get boring to just grab a soda or a sparkling water on a daily basis. This Mom-osa recipe makes it so fun to spruce up a drink to add a bit of sunshine to the day! Do you have a favorite go-to mocktail recipe? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

Mom-osa Mocktail

Looking for a great mocktail recipe? This easy alcohol-free drink option is perfect for any day or celebration!
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  • 4 oz. DRY Pineapple Botanical Bubbly chilled
  • 4 oz. orange juice


  • Pour DRY Botanical Bubbly into your glass, and then add the orange juice.
  • Garnish with your favorite berries, mint, edible flowers, or a pineapple slice.
Author: Melissa Johnson
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