Monthly Catch Up: April in Review

You guys!!! How are we already in May, which basically = half way through the year?! I still cannot wrap my mind around how QUICK this year is going by. Should we call it the year of the energizer bunny?! This past month has been filled to the brim with streamlining our processes behind the scenes and all things business development. In past years, I’ve always found myself too busy to really spend some time on these things, but 2017 is a whole different ballgame for BFFF.  We’ve also rolled out nearly 20 NEW blog posts. I must admit my top faves this past month have been the easy personalized mother’s day gift, mother & daughter Easter outfits , heart bunny cookies (my #1 fave post this year)and volume 4 of our quote series (there are some inspiring quotes in this one friends). I have so much to update you on since our last monthly re-cap, and as we know, a lot can happen in 30 days! ;)

Television Show Audition – Ever since mentioning my auditions in both February and March’s re-cap, I promised you that I would spill the sprinkles on what show / station it was for – even if I didn’t get it. Some of you may know that I know a thing or two about auditions as I was a semi-finalist for a host on the Game Show Network years agoSO FUN! I can finally say that I have an update for you regarding this show. I did NOT get it! It was for a show on the Food Network where I would host + travel and eat desserts!! Sounds like a dream right?! I have to admit that when I auditioned for this, I went into full stress mode because I felt like I was just now finding my footing on BFFF, and building this brand requires so much of my attention – even with a team of 11! But I am also a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. If this is the plan for me, then I trust this is exactly where I am supposed to be. On the bright side, I made some AMAZING connections, and having multiple auditions gave my self-esteem a big boost.

We have a NEW Business Development Director – I’ve worked with 2 talent agencies within the past year and I have to admit, it’s NOT for me. At least not at this phase of BFFF. I have so many dreams for this brand, and I really needed someone who I can talk with daily and someone who would have the same focus and energy for our growth and long term plan. I am over the moon excited to announce we officially recruited Amber to exclusively focus on business development over here, and I couldn’t be happier! I am still in shock with how much we have accomplished together in a matter of 3 weeks. I can wholeheartedly tell you to keep your eyes peeled for a new level of growth. Recruiting Amber is the icing on the cake to our power team! I am FINALLY not too scared to tackle my dreams. No more staying stagnant and playing it safe for this girl. ;) I always love that quote, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough”. Do you have big dreams that you’ve been sitting on too? My wish for you this month is that you tackle these dreams! They are your calling. As my mom always says, “Start now or you will regret it years down the road”. My parents owned a senior in-home care agency for years and though it was successful, my mom too sat on her idea for 5 years before launching it out of fear and overwhelm.

That one time I got invited to hang out with Drew Barrymore– A few weeks back, I got invited to meet Drew Barrymore in Pebble Beach for a one on one meet and greet. I REALLY wanted to go and do it. It’s a 3 hour drive from my house, but something didn’t feel right. I had a BAD feeling. I don’t get this often but it kept bubbling up more and more. I tried to push it down but it popped back up. I was planning on going with Alexandria (our operations director) and Kim (our lead content creator). We had the hotel booked and were going to have a BFFF retreat the next morning. But once again, I had a BAD feeling and my heart was telling me it wasn’t a good time to pull away so I listened. So instead we traded in Drew for a photoshoot at our friend’s house for a Miracle Gro campaign. We wrapped up the shoot, and pulling into the office at 1:00ish, I got a call from Andy saying that we needed to go to the hospital because Claire fell and bumped her head really bad…. Holding back tears, I rushed home and we all hopped in the car. It was Claire’s nap time so she kept wanting to fall asleep. I didn’t know if she was losing consciousness or just overwhelmed by everything that just happened and wanted to fall asleep. I cried and prayed the whole entire way to the hospital. Thank god Charlie was there.  He helped keep Claire awake and calm. The hospital had us stay for 4 hours to make sure she didn’t have classic signs of a concussion. My aunt Mary picked Charlie up from the hospital while we focussed on Claire. And full update, she didn’t end up showing classic concussion signs and was okay. Thank god!!! Do you know what is so crazy? Alexandria, Kim, and I were planning on leaving at 10:00 AM. We would have arrived to Pebble Beach by 1:00ish which was EXACTLY when we left for the hospital. I just couldn’t imagine hearing this news and having to drive 3 hours without seeing her with my own eyes. Let me tell you, that 5 minute drive from the office to my house felt like an eternity! So thankful!

Video shoot for –  I LOVE doing video work, which is why I am so excited about Instagram’s “stories” feature. Yes, I am one of those who pretty much tell it all over there. ;) If you’re not following, go click here asap so we can be really good friends! I was so excited to work with Jeff & Iz of The Film Squad to share all about our house hunting journey. I even got Andy and our real-estate agent in on the fun. We filmed from my house and this gorgeous Eichler home in South Land Park. The video will be posting any day now so stay tuned.

Our April Team Party –  We don’t need an excuse to have a party around here. ;) We host a team party every 6-8 weeks as a time to get out of our daily grind and just all hang out together.  Our last team party was in February at Rick’s Dessert Diner, so we were more than overdue. I was literally over the moon to get most of our team together (missing Nicole, Amber, and Molly) all in one room together at The Waterboy. This is one of mine and Andy’s favorite restaurants for date night, so we were so excited when they invited our whole team for a private menu! More details on an entire recap + the fun over here on this blog post.

I’ve adjusted to my new work schedule!!!  And I’m sharing all the in-between daily on my Instagram story  to prove it! ;)  Last week, my friend Tra texted me and was like “Your Instagram stories are LITERALLY like night & day” with this screenshot of a side by side. LOL! It’s true! I’m on it basically night and day. ;) I’ve been waking up at 5 AM every day for the past 2 weeks. Ever since Claire’s incident (mentioned above), I just felt like I was missing out on too much with the kids and on life, so I tweaked my schedule BIG TIME! ;) The productivity levels are unreal! LOVING this new sched!

Office Updates–  We haven’t done a TON of aesthetic updates to the new office! I did get this pineapple doormat  which I am so excited about. It puts a big smile on my face every time I see it. But we did make a lot of progress. As an influencer, I get a lot of free product. I had to make some big choices weighing out which things cause me dread and block the things I actually do need.  Quality over quantity, right?!

Last week Alexandria, Kim, and Mandy came over and helped me clean my office out. We went through everything, separated it into piles (keep, donate, home), moved things we needed to the office. So we now have everything we need in one centralized location. I feel like this was huge progress. Between the 4 of us, it took 3 hours!
And some of my favorite reels into my life this past month!!!!

I’ve been going FULL SPEED these days! Sound familiar? The weekend before last, I had a PAJAMAS ALL DAY kind of day. I watched Hallmark movies and drank Starbucks in bed – basically recharging my battery! ;)  Andy won world’s greatest husband by hanging out with the kids + bringing me Starbucks in bed!

Quick snap from brunch at my parents house. If you look VERY carefully, you may notice Charlie is holding his new pet snail! ;)


Thank you so much for reading these updates. I know I share a lot on my IG story daily, but I also understand how busy your lives all are. I love keeping in touch with each and every one of you, so I feel like this monthly update makes the perfect opportunity for us to pretend like we’re having coffee together for a few! I hope you do things that make you happy and fulfill your heart all month long. Sending you all bear hugs from Sunny Sacramento! Already can’t wait for June’s re-cap together! =)



Images 1, 2, & 3 for Best Friends For Frosting by Jenn Bartell

Images 5 for Best Friends For Frosting by The Film Squad

Image 6 for Best Friends For Frosting by Two Twenty Photos

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