It was just weeks ago we dropped our VERY first monthly catch up – a new series where I will be sharing all the highlights from the past month in a nut shell!  This will be such a fun way to pull us even closer together!!
This past month has been spent with office hunting, auditions, and creating NEW content for Best Friends For Frosting.  I had a blast over on Planoly where I chatted about our Instagram Strategy.  I also got to hang out with Abagail & Emylee on Think Creative Collective’s podcast!!   We chit chatted for 45 minutes on how I built BFFF into a profitable lifestyle website.  If you love business, this podcast is totally for you girlfriend!
And back to content creation- Our team has become incredibly clear on the colors, style, and inspiration we would like to use to take BFFF to a brand I feel 110% good about inside and out! I can truthfully tell you that just this past month the blog and our Instagram looks better than it has ever looked before! This is the brand I had always envisioned for BFFF for 4 years but always felt so caught up in the operations to really “play in the sand again” and do what I love most!

LOL!  Here’s an oldie but goodie!  That’s me in the middle with my arm way up in the air.  This was taken about 10 years ago in 2007!  I auditioned to be a host on the Game Show Network.  I ended up making it down to a semifinalist.  The funny thing was that I didn’t even practice before I had auditioned.  I just winged the whole thing!
Fast forward to 10 years later!  Some of you may already know that I recently signed with a talent agency.  Over the past week, I’ve had 2 auditions for something truly exciting!!  So here’s how everything went down- Last week, I received an email regarding a casting agency  who wanted to set up a phone call together…  We had our first meeting last Friday and afterwords, they told my talent agency that they “loved me!”   Before I knew it, a whole 3 days later, we scheduled to record a Skype audition together.  The casting agency told me to be myself, silly and full of personality.  If you watch my Instagram stories, I would hope you would say I had enough personality for 3 people!  LOL.  ;)  For some reason, being silly has always come naturally to me! ;)  So now here comes the waiting game.  Either way, I should have word in about 2 weeks so cross your fingers, toes and braid your hair for me! ;) If anything comes out of this, I am assuming it may be months before I can actually share all the details with you.  But I promise, I’ll be sure to update you either way! Confession: I’ve always wanted to work in media and television but never wholeheartedly pursued it.  Sharing more videos on our Youtube Channel and Facebook page is on my 2017 goal list for sure!
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Office location: This is a topic a lot of you have messaged me about on Instagram as I keep talking about it on our story. So my parents have an Airbnb, which our team works from when it’s not rented out. When this happens, we go to a coffee shop or the backup option, which is our home office. ;)  But here’s the problem, lately my parent’s Air BNB has been rented almost every single day.  My parents and I were previously in the talks of having me completely re-do the entire interior of the Airbnb, which would basically make it a pink palace. I showed my mom Elsie Larson’s pink & gold pineapple door, and she liked it, so it made my wheels really start to turn.  But the more I think about it, the more I realize that we physically need our own BFFF office space.  I love the idea of having a centralized location we can count on working from 5 days a week!   Once we find the perfect spot, we’ll really hit the pedal to the metal on the interior design.  PS. We’ll also be looking to partner with interior brands soon, so let me know if you have any favorites you would love to see us work with! On the bright side, this project will fill the void with Andy and I still house hunting. ;)
minted valentines card pink
One of my favorite projects from February:  We partnered with Minted earlier last month to make the cutest Valentine’s cards from Charlie and Claire. We printed 100 of these bad boys, so basically everyone who received a Christmas Card from us received one of these as well. I was SO happy with how these turned out. It’s still hanging on our refrigerator as I type this. ;)
Did I mention I am SO blessed to work with some of the best team members a girl could ask for?! It wasn’t until 2017 that the pieces started coming together. One of the highlights of last month was getting together as a team and having our “cake for breakfast party” together for Valentine’s Day! The fact that we can be goofy and listen to Britney Spears all in one room is still a pinch-me moment.
Calling ALL my 90s girls! Who else was obsessed with Hanson, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, and Trolls? Confession time: I had just about every single troll, including the stuffed animal versions!!! Words could not even describe how excited I was to partner with Dreamworks for the launch of the Trolls movie! Charlie and I made this super easy sprinkled candy bark on the blog.
Other fun highlights: We released our FIRST shopping guide of 2017 which will now become a regular weekly series as well. There was definitely a lot of pink involved! ;) Our BIGGEST 2017 Survey Results request was curating more personalized shopping guides. I love that you asked me to do this!
Other exciting pieces of content on Best Friends For Frosting:
Well, it’s safe to say that our entire team was in the spirit of Valentine’s Day! Because our brand revolves around hearts and pink, it felt like pumping out content for the every day! Don’t miss this Heart Shaped Pepperoni Pizza, Pink Heart Dalmation Pattern Cookies, A fun collaboration with Sugarfina, Charlie’s DIY Ninja Turtle Valentine’s Day Cards (which I was never planning on blogging about until they were all done. I literally had 2 hours until sundown to photograph these before he took them to school the next day), Gold Fondant Sugar Cookies, Ombre Pink XOXO Valentines Banner, and our DIY Heart Eyelash Banner. Oh and on a non-Valentine’s note, I also made this Pink Sprinkled Clay Pot.
This month we’re on the look out for 2 stellar interns who reside in Sacramento to join our team in the fields of Business Development and Social Media. If this is you or someone you know, please get in contact with us simply by hitting the “contact” page at the very bottom of the website.
Last but not least, if you’re not already subscribed to our newsletter, join us STAT! I send out a newsletter once a month with a different kind of conversation than I typically have on the blog. It’s a little deeper and more strategic with the messages we want to communicate with you. It’s short, sweet, simple and straight to the point but is guaranteed to brighten up your day! ;)
pink, white, gold, pink and gold, minimalist, blogger, office accessories, home office, interior decorating, chic
And that about sums up this past month’s latest and greatest. For new readers, I share a ton of our behind the scenes sprinkled in with a little karaoke on my Instagram page with the new story option (which I love). It’s been such a fun new way to interact with you outside of the regular grind.
As this is a new series, I would be so thankful if you left a comment to let me know what you think. I know, I’m guilty of it too. I often frequent so many blogs and never leave comments either. But as a blogger, I have to admit that using the comment feature will give me and my team insight as to what you think / your thoughts / suggestions or anything else! Either way, thanks so much for being here! Sending you all bear hugs!


Images 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 by: Two Twenty Photos

Images 3 & 6 by: Andy Johnson

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