Happy April! ;) How on earth are we nearly halfway through the year?! I have to admit to you that I am absolutely LOVING 2017 100 times more than 2016! Do you think that has to do with lucky number 7?! ;) 2016 was growing pains (frazzled, burnt out, and overwhelmed), and 2017 is going to be a huge year of growth for this wholehearted brand (excitement, clarity, passion, community). So pumped to build BFFF into what I ALWAYS envisioned! I can’t wait to share the next chapter together with you guys! For those of you who are new to this series, this is our monthly place to grab coffee together and catch up on everything under the sun from personal to business. Every month, I will write a blog post summing up all the exciting news we’ve had around here where you can click to it in one centralized location. I can’t believe we’ve already knocked out January and February and now March!!! My do I have a lot to update you guys on! P.S. Don’t miss one of my favorite tutorials to date (pictured above) of this DIY Pink Polka Dot Mat! =)

We FINALLY moved into a new office in a neighborhood called Greenhaven in Sacramento, California. It’s only minutes from where I live which makes me so happy. I had to literally DIY a few new key toppers so I wouldn’t get them mixed up with my pre-existing keys. ;) This is such a great starter office. It’s a few hundred square feet and has the perfect amount of space to work together as a team. We have not done a photoshoot from here yet, so that will be interesting to see how it pans out.  Our team trips to Starbucks have been limited, which is probably a good thing for the sake of my wallet and closet. I have to tell you, this past month I’ve had to unbutton the top of my pants just about every time I sit in the car because nothing is fitting these days. I am a BIG time stress eater so that definitely plays a roll too! I keep telling myself, there is NO way I am going to buy new pants. ;)

So we just recruited 6 new team members which puts us at a team of 13!!! We had our orientation from my parent’s Airbnb in Hollywood Park. We even had our HR Director come out and give a presentation + take this photo. ;) I never in a million years would have thought a blog would need that many moving pieces, but I have to admit, the internet really is a gold mine and the opportunities for being a strong brand are limitless. I also feel like we live in such a unique time where bringing your whole self to the table is such a big part of branding – especially with social media. What an incredible time to experience together. I wanted to tell you guys, I have heartfelt BIG plans this year that I’m finally not too scared to tackle! If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough, right?! I feel like this one needs a blog post of its own!  More on this one soon.

I promise it’s not ALL rainbows and cupcakes over here! ;) Just kidding!!! I’ve received quite a few emails regarding the leak on the casting agency audition I mentioned to you in February’s Review. The timing could not be more perfect. I just received an email that the casting is still in process and we should hear more in the next month. This one is to be continued. Either way, I am just so honored to have made it through the process THIS far. ;) I can’t say what it was for just yet, but when I am given the green light, I’ll be sure to tell you first – even if I don’t get it! ;) Speaking of filming, we just wrapped up our set last Friday for  I can hardly wait to share it with you.  It will be live on our Youtube Channel later this month.  Don’t forget to subscribe to be the first to see it!

And I FINALLY made some time to get my hair done! ;) Here’s a little “before” photo. Anyone else with caramel tones HATE when you hair starts to get that brassy look?! I am right there with you. After countless hype (from our team members and even the salon stylist and a ton of beauty bloggers), the “Purple Shampoo” apparently does wonders for this so I just took the plunge and bought some. Fingers crossed! P.S. Current thoughts going through my head “If only I looked as good in real life as I do in my selfies!” ;)

House hunting!!! Andy and I are finally learning to mutually enjoy the process. Did I mention the word process?! We’ve talked about buying a house for more years than I can count, and we’ve been looking and working with our realtor for over 2 years! We’ve flip flopped about locations in Sacramento, but now Andy and I have more clarity than ever on what we’re looking for. We did put an offer in on one mid-century modern home this past month but they accepted another offer. It’s the same house pictured above. We put a back up offer in so we’ll see….Because we’ve learned SO much throughout this process, Andy and I have decided to add a “House” tab to BFFF! This will be our own little dedicated section on BFFF where we will talk about everything we have learned, our mistakes, our successes, and so much more! Because it’s our season of life and will be for the next few years, I thought it was time to kick this off. Because when we FINALLY find that special house, it’s going to be the ultimate DIY project that will most likely keep us on our toes for years to come. Stay tuned as we will get it all situated to the lay out in April!

This past month has been a BIG kickstart party to get excited and tackle some big goals I’ve been dreaming of for ever and ever and ever. ;) Last month Alexandria (our operations director) and I were invited for a VIP experience with Dave Ramsey & Christy Wright at The Business Boutique Conference.

We had our own private room to meet the team, experienced the day-long conference. and had lunch with Dave & Christy. This was especially exciting as Dave was one of the most popular interview features on BFFF. And for dedicated Ramsey fans, don’t miss this interview I did with his daughter Rachel Cruze! For those of you who are new to Christy Wright, she has joined Dave Ramsey and his team as a Ramsey personality. Her mission is to equip woman with their God given talents + tools they need to be successful in business. She has so much heart and passion! Her new book is coming out next month and she gave Alexandria and I an unreleased copy of her book and it’s SOOOO good! It’s basically EVERYTHING under the sun of starting and running a business. It goes from the technical portion to fun stuff. It’s such an easy read. Literally feels like you’re at coffee with her when you’re reading that book! ;)

Speaking of family – Here’s a quick Johnson family update!!! I know I don’t touch on the kids enough over here as I am still trying to map out a way where it feels relevant to you and I don’t blindside you guys with too much kiddo stuff. I am having a hard time finding balance between being “too personal” yet “too unrealistic” with all these perfectly styled photos. I think it’s important with a brand to share all aspects in a tasteful way. ;) I am still just trying to figure out the “tasteful” part so bear with me guys! I thought you guys would get a kick out of this one! My in-laws drained their swimming pool to get it resurfaced and invited the grandkids over for a picnic at the bottom of the empty pool. I promise this is NOT an April’s fools day joke. LOL. Eventually they got chalk out and did legal graffiti at the bottom of the pool! Isn’t that hilarious?! I love the spontaneous part!

On a personal note – Charlie is wrapping up kindergarten over the next couple months. I am excited for him to venture off to first grade but SO sad because I just love everything about kindergarten – the kids, his teacher, his classroom, all the activities! Kindergarten was one of my favorite, most memorable years in school. It felt magical, so I am just soaking up all of the nostalgia all over again! And now…Claire!!!!!! She is officially walking, talking, and even knows to point to her nose when I say “where’s your nose.” She had surgery a couple weeks back to get ear tubes because she had chronic ear infections. Her hearing was clogged 40%, so it’s just amazing how much she is talking these days. It’s no walk in the park, Charlie had to get them when he was 2. The doctor says it’s in their DNA! ;) The older these kids get, the more it kills me that I can’t bottle these moments up forever. Every night, when I lay my head down on my pillow I have anxiety of what I didn’t do. Does everyone deal with this? In reality, I know I do A LOT, but I think being an overachiever constantly chasing “perfect” is really hard and exhausting!

Get ready for more Easter egg DIY projects! These DIY Pink Pineapple Easter Eggs are my absolute FAVORITE so far!  ;) I know we’ve kicked off a few, but we still have a few more coming your way! I want to thank everyone from my heart for reading this blog! I love having a creative place to share all of my dreams in one place! I promise the party is about to get a whole lot better! As time goes on, we are getting more and more clear on setting the path to our goals. Sending you love from Sunny Sacramento! =)


Image 1 by: Jenn Bartell
Images 4 & 11 by: Andy Johnson

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