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Mother – Daughter Easter Outfits


It’s been too long since my last post with Claire! ;) As she’s growing like no tomorrow AND Easter is next week, I felt like a photoshoot was definitely in order! ;) We gave you a sneak peek of our outfits in How To Make Heart Bunny Cookies, but they needed their own dedicated post too.



Confession time!!!! Okay, it’s not that juicy, but I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do an Easter mother-daughter photoshoot with Claire. I LOVE everything about Easter – the pastels, candy, and fun! There is something about this girl and bunnies, let me tell you! ;) Who else remembers her bunny & unicorn themed nursery or even her bunny garden baby shower?!  ;)


Plus, I thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peek of our mother/daughter Easter outfits – bunny ears and all! ;) Can you tell Claire loves playing dress up?! Okay, maybe not yet but hopefully she’ll get the hang of it soon. I can’t even tell you how many emojis I wish I could throw in right after that sentence. In the mean time, it’s winks like we’re in the 90s on AOL messenger. ;)


Aren’t these bunny ears and tail the cutest?! When I found this set, it was the icing on the cake that we must do this shoot! I used to do dollar bin bunny ears each year, but NOT anymore! ;) I even got Charlie and myself a pair. I’m obsessed!


Speaking of obsessed – I am in-love with this pink dress from Nordstrom. I am only 5’1, and the length of it is perfect. I especially love how the sleeves go nearly to my elbows. This might sound dorky, but I sort of feel like Princess Kate when I wear this! ;)

Claire had just outgrown her baby tulle skirt! =( I kept it in our baby keepsake box. It was definitely time to upgrade when I found this polka dot tutu skirt from Nordstroms. Oh and this pink striped shirt totally reminded me of my J.Crew pink striped artist tee, so I couldn’t resist! They paired together so nicely.

LOL! I was hesitant on sharing this nose picture in the post. ;) Full disclosure: Claire just learned to point to her nose whenever someone asks “Where’s your nose” so I was doing that to distract her for the photo. As my mom says “Pick flowers, not noses!” ;)
We’re officially ready for Easter- unlike last year (totally running around SO last minute)! ;) We all have our outfits, all our Easter shopping is officially complete, and our calendars are marked! Best feeling ever! If we don’t touch base soon, I hope you have an incredible Easter! Sending you bear hugs from Sacramento!! =)

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