Mother’s Day Picnic

Mother’s Day is almost here, and I can’t begin to tell you HOW excited I am to celebrate one of my favorite holidays in the whole wide world! =) Now that I’m a mother, I see everything through an entirely different lens. It makes me appreciate my mom with such a fresh perspective!

For as long as I can remember, my mom and I have loved blocking off an entire afternoon to spend together. It’s sort of our thing!! ;) Anyone else do this???! Whether it’s shopping, getting our hair done or getting manicures, watching a Hallmark movie – whatever – as long as we’re together, it’s always guaranteed to be a blast! So for an early Mother’s Day celebration, I surprised my mom with a super easy last minute picnic! Psst…this is the SAME backyard we hosted both of my baby showers and wedding reception in! SO many great memories back here.

So here’s the low down on my picnic! When I say quick and easy, I am NOT kidding!! Would you believe me if I told you I just pulled a blanket out of my closet, and it only took me minutes to curate my fave food items and flowers for our picnic spread?! It took me 7 minutes (to be exact) to order everything from the Amazon Prime Now mobile app, and it was all at my door within 2 hours!! Crazy, right?! Spoiler alert: there is a giveaway for this amazing service at the very end of this blog post. ;)

I thought for sure the prices would be more than standard grocery store prices because this service seriously felt too good to be true…but I was pleasantly surprised that the prices were comparable. So, I ordered ALL of these amazing curated food items and flowers from Amazon Prime Nowand they showed up at my doorstep in an hour for only $7.99 for shipping (P.S. two hour delievery is free, but I was so behind and racing against the clock that I had to get it here even faster). I loved the fact that I had more time to spend with my mom rather than running around buying all of these last minute goodies.

So here’s all the delicious details on what I ordered for our picnic spread: FRESH lemons, sparkling water, cheddar cheese, pink and white animal cookies, even spinach and blush wine vinaigrette for this amazing strawberry and blue cheese salad! I was so impressed you could even order organic fresh produce!!  And the cherry on top? This Mother’s Day you can even order fresh, last minute flowers on May 13th + 14th if you live in a city where Prime Now is available!   I must admit, my experience with the mobile app is one of the most AMAZING experiences I’ve had with technology in a LONG time! I seriously have no idea how I’ve lived without it all these years!!!

Have you still not bought your Mother’s Day gift?! Don’t worry, I won’t tell! ;) Prime Now not only offers food and flowers, but there’s even options to order beauty products, candles, jewelry, and MORE! My mom is such a huge foodie and was over the moon about all of the food items I curated especially for her. (I have to admit I snuck in the Animal Cookies as a joke because I would literally throw them in the grocery cart every single time my mom and I would go grocery shopping when I was little.) They are even offering Starbucks coffee in select cities for only 25 cents if your mom is the breakfast in bed type. ;) I’m so thankful that my mom is just a hop, skip, and jump away and lives SO close, but for those long distance moms and daughters, this is also such a great option to send your mom fresh flowers and gifts this Mother’s Day in 1-2 hours flat, even if she is states away.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day celebrating being a mother, your own mom, grandmas, or favorite motherly figure!

P.S. Feeling lucky?! I am over-the-moon to offer one lucky BFFF reader a promo code for $100 towards Amazon Prime Now (as long as you’re located in a Prime Now delivery area). Just leave a comment telling us what you would get your mama for Mother’s Day using Prime Now, along with your email address and Prime Now city.

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Amazon Prime Now.  All opinions are my own.  Thank you so so much for supporting the brands that sponsor our content on Best Friends For Frosting.


Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Two Twenty Photos

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    1. Danielle Gervino

      This is so sweet! Love that you and your mom have a day, just the two of you!

      xx, Danielle | Pineapple & Prosecco

      1. Melissa Johnson

        I am in love! Can’t believe I ever lived without it. ;) Wishing you an amazing Mother’s Day!

    2. Stephanie

      I absolutely LOVE Prime Now!! It’s the best when I realize last minute that I need something for my dinner and I don’t want to run out to the store to get it. It’s also great for those last minute gifts! I’m sure your mom was so happy to spend the afternoon having such a fun picnic with you! I actually used Prime to purchase a set of coloring pencils for my artist mom for Mother’s Day! I hope she loves it! (p.s. – this is an entry for the giveaway, so I’m in Richmond hehe)

      Stephanie //

      1. Melissa Johnson

        Such a great idea for last minute dinner items! :) I hope your Mother’s Day has been amazing Stephanie!

    3. Sara

      This is such an adorable post and I love that you and your mama are having so much fun! God Bless moms and Amazon Prime! xo

      1. Melissa Johnson

        Thank you so much, Sara! :) Please include your email address if you’d like to enter the contest!

    4. Nicholle Brainard

      Can I join?! Seriously, the chicest picnic ever! La Croix is my life saver when I am trying to cut my soda habit!

      1. Melissa Johnson

        Thank you! It is such a game changer. I ordered all of these items and they were at my door by the time I was finished getting ready! ;)