Blogging is a passion and a way of life, but sometimes it can feel intimidating to say what you want to say. Or maybe you’ve been a victim of some serious writer’s block. Don’t let a rough patch keep you down— you have so much more to offer the online world! Check out these motivational quotes for bloggers and get to typing!

Don’t fall into the common mindset that work and play should be separate. Print out this quotation (or save it as a desktop background) to remind yourself that while blogging can be really tough at times, you’re lucky to be sharing your passion with others! (via Decorate My Life)


Speaking of passion, it can be easy to get burned out at times. With scheduling issues, a lull in inspiration, or the desire to spend time elsewhere, it is inevitable. If you’re not feeling it, don’t try and force yourself to write. Follow this quotation and take a little breather to let inspiration find you — you’ll be glad you did. (via the Black Tie)


Don’t over-think things! Sometimes the best approach is a clean, simple one — take this advice from Don Draper. (via Corrinicorn)


It can be easy to get wrapped up in other people’s blogs, but it’s so important to stay true and original to yourself. This quotation is a great reminder. (via Jessie Kay)


Chances are, if you’re a blogger or reader, you’ve felt a little tinge of jealousy whenever you’ve seen pictures from an absolutely gorgeous get-together or someone else’s seemingly perfect child. What many people don’t understand is that they’re only getting a very well-curated peek of someone’s life. No one is perfect, no matter how much their blog seems to make them out to be. This print is definitely relatable, don’t you think? (via Emily McDowell)


As a blogger, it’s very important to be optimistic. This helpful list is a great way to stay positive, even it seems like no one is reading your blog or you’re not finding a lot of inspiration. (via Striking Truths)


Always strive to love what you do — life is too short to spend it being unhappy! This Love What You Do temporary tattoo is a great (and beautiful) reminder. (via Hanna’s Room)


Success doesn’t come easy, but hard work and “taking the stairs” sure does pay off sooner or later. This quotation can serve as a great reminder when it looks like things are going nowhere. (via Not a Negative Space)you-must-create

Even if you’re suffering from writer’s block, take a break and get creative! Whether you’re doodling on a notepad, taking a breather with your favorite app, or just making to-do lists, this quotation keeps it simple. (via They All Hate Us)


Always stay true to yourself! This Herman Melville quotation nails it. (via Fresh Hues Blog)

Which quotation is your favorite?


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