A new season is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about the fashion trends for fall! Whether it’s earthy colors from your garden, dark shades of red and blue, bold metallics, or 3D accents, there is a nail trend for everyone. This season, don’t let your nails go naked, but dress them up in these gorgeous colors and styles!


Garden colors aren’t just for the spring and summer! Bring the soft and sweet femininity of flowers to your next manicure with some Lilac Purple Polish. (VIVALUXURY)


A light Garden Green Polish can soften up any outfit! Deeper sage and green tones make the easy transition from summer to fall! (VIVALUXURY)


These Pastel Polishes are a great example of how to mix things up. Gone are the days when we had to stick with one nail color! Multiple colors that go together or even nicely contrast will make your nails more interesting without much work! (VIVALUXURY)


If garden colors aren’t for you, try some Oxblood Nail Polish. Bright reds are out, and deep reds are in this season. Oxblood colored polish is rocking on the runways, and you can rock it too!  (Harper’s Bazaar)


Nail polish no longer has to be two-dimensional! 3D Nails like these add some extra glam to fall fashion. (Harper’s Bazaar)


Nails are back in black! Fall is going to be all about black nails and putting creative twists on this classic. That’s why these Polka Dot Textured Nails are perfect this season! Black matte with black 3D dots make for some stylish fingernails. (The Lacquer Log)


These Black and White Design Nails take regular black nails to a whole new level. With a simple nail art pen, you can have trendy nails in minutes. (Pshiiit)


A Black and Nude Half-Moon Mani uses the always in style nude polish with a sliver of black in the nail bed. This twist on black nail polish is for those who aren’t ready to go all out, but are willing to give black a try in a trendy way. (Harper’s Bazaar)


Twinkle, Twinkle, little star–look at how trendy you are! Shooting Star Nails are a fun way to do the black polish trend while also adding some metallic sparkle. (Pshiiit)


Metallics are back this season, and as always, they’re bringing a sleek and shiny style. Nails like these Silver Chrome Nails will be the ones to have this fall! (VIVALUXURY)

What nail trend will you rock this fall?


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