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Caroline Khoo’s knack for fashion and eye for the details shines through in the artistic desserts she creates for Nectar and Stone. We love how she draws on her love of art and fashion to design creative treats that truly speak to her personal style. From the name of her company to the look and feel of her upcoming storefront, Caroline’s unique personality and passions are reflected in every aspect of her business. That’s why she’s our Get It Girl! We are thrilled to have had the chance to chat with her to learn more about her creative journey, and how Nectar and Stone came about. Here is our exclusive interview with Caroline:
What gorgeous dessert creations! Where do you find your daily inspiration for creating these magnificent sweets?
Thank you. I am a creative at heart and enjoy painting, floral arrangements, and fashion so I draw upon these areas to design my dessert work. I find that visiting my local florists, art shops, spending time at museums, and seeing the latest fashion trends all build my ideas for my dessert collections.
You have a fashion background, which is fabulous! Can you take us a little bit through how you show that background in your baking?
My fashion background has played an important role in my business. From understanding the clients’ needs to developing trends and color palette, I treat my baking as if it were a fashion house, and work in seasons to develop ranges in the dessert world.
At what point in life did you discover your love for creating dessert? What is your favorite dessert to create? 
Having a Greek background, my mother has played a pivotal role in my life and in the kitchen. We celebrate many traditional occasions with desserts to match, so I learned from a young age to appreciate the effort and detail that goes into sweet and savory food. But it wasn’t until after I had my first child in my late twenties that I started to make a serious connection with baking. My first son, Isaiah, was a difficult eater and this really forced me to be creative in making nutritious and interesting meals for him. It was at this point that I discovered my niche in baking and everyone around my circle pointed it out as well.
My favorite dessert to make is macarons. I love that you can design and make so many flavors out of them, and when they come fresh out of the oven…nothing beats that.
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How would you define eating with style?
Eating with style is about showcasing sophistication in the way you eat. It really is about portraying desserts in an elegant and feminine way but has depth in its flavor and taste. We eat with our eyes first but the desserts must always be fresh and taste amazing. I think that an amazing dessert is about quality over quantity and is striking to the eye.
Your creations are so elegant and feminine. Does this reflect your personal style?
Yes, very much so. Nectar and Stone is defined by my past, present, and dreams for the future. Everyone that comes to know me understands that Nectar and Stone is the spirit in which I live my life, play out my ideas, and tell the story. Whether it is my home, how I dress, what I buy–you see Nectar and Stone in every facet.
Congratulations on the upcoming storefront! What kind of atmosphere and decorative inspiration should we look forward to?
Thank you. This is a place where #CreativeMeetsCakery…I am a minimalist at heart, so the cakery will be defined by clean lines and high quality finishes. Color will shine through in the stories of the dessert work, floral arrangements, and beautiful conversations from those who are enjoying the space.
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How did you come up with the name ‘Nectar and Stone’?
Nectar and Stone has several meanings to me. The main ones are that my favorite colors are peach and grey, and that I love homewares. I didn’t want my business name to have any dessert related word to it. I wanted to create a name that I loved and felt really represented me on a plate.
If you could look back to when you first started, what would you tell yourself based off of what you know now and your success?
I think the main one is ‘balance’. Since starting Nectar and Stone, there have been long hours in building a business and a brand. It’s important that you find a balance in what you are doing and I have only recently come to understand this. In saying that, perhaps this was the journey that I needed to go through in order to learn why balance is important. In life, I think that your journey and direction happen for a reason and that the lesson learned will help you to be better for what is ahead.
Photography by Aimee Jones (@AimeeJonesPhoto)
NAME Caroline Khoo
AGE 32
LOCATION Melbourne
TITLE Creative Director
INSTAGRAM @nectarandstone

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    1. Christine Givens

      Dear Caroline & BFFF,

      I am absolutely inspired by your story and your work. Everything you do is so authentic and beautiful, thank you for working so hard to bring this to life for the world. I also appreciated the comment regarding ‘balance’ as I am an ad exec professional with a love for creativity in the kitchen and I am still working hard to find balance between my ‘day-job’ and my passion.

      Through inspiring stories like yours, I hope to someday find the courage (and time) to tell mine.

      Here’s wishing you many great successes! And I hope your Williams-Sonoma event was a smashing success this past weekend. WS is near and dear to my heart, having worked there on weekends for 8 years! I know they only partner with the very best, so I am even more inspired by you.

      You must have not only built an incredible brand, but a brilliant team as well. Congratulations!

      cg x