Oreo Pops

Dessert Pops are quickly becoming one of the most fun and interesting trends in the world of confection. Everything from cake to pie is being served on a stick creating a sweet new buzz that makes you want to join right in. These DIY Pops from Hip Hip Hooray are one of the easiest ways to get started. Simple to make and fun to serve they will definitely jazz up your next party or event. You can use Oreo cookies, marshmallows or brownies. Just dip in melted chocolate and top with your favorite sprinkles and you’ve got a fun new way to serve dessert.  Just imagine the possibilities!

Photo Credit: Hip Hip Hooray

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    1. Pearl Bestre

      Pretty nice! So cool concept of the product! =-)

      I am trying those here for a start of small business of mine.

      I was wondering, when I tried to put the stick on the oreo cookie it eventually removed the other side of the cookie….

      is it possible that once I will try to put the white melted chocolate it will still stay together once the white chocolate chilled?

      Any ways how to do this? or is it my stick kind’a thick?

      Thank you so much and God bless you =-)

      1. Melissa Johnson

        Hi Pearl! I would absolutely get in touch with the original author who invented this awesome recipe that we featured. I wish I could give you advice but I am afraid I could misguide you since I have never tried to make this myself.

    2. Christina

      I wondered the same thing but I would hazard a guess that double stuft oreos were used with the small pop sticks. I think also you might have luck if you chill them after you stick them.