How to Paint House Exterior

Exterior house paint isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when we all think of redecorating our house. However, exterior paint is so so important to complete the look of that perfectly styled home. We recently took on the task of painting the exterior of our house. Well, truth be told, Andy actually did most of the painting. ;) He totally wins the husband of the year award! He did a lot of research before tackling the exterior paint job, and I am so excited to share the pro tips he learned along the way. With these house painting tips, all of your neighbors will be asking who you hired to fix your exterior paint! ;)



How to Paint a House

This is one of the biggest tips I can give you when it comes to picking exterior paint colors: get paint samples! We started with a darker shade of gray when we began this journey, but realized after it dried, and the sun hit it in certain spots, that it was too dark and definitely not the color for us. We then tried a lighter gray that looked like we had found the one, until the sun hit it and it and washed it out, making it almost look white. We finally picked out paint samples on a third trip to Home Depot and tried the samples on every side on the house, checking during all hours of the day. Outside house paint can look different during all parts of the day. We ended up deciding on Behr’s French Silver, a light to medium gray that was just perfect for our Mid-Century Modern home!



Pick Perfect House Paint Colors for your Home

After picking a neutral color for the siding, we picked a darker gray to accentuate the trim and beams. We studied other Streng designer homes in the area and realized that accentuating the trim and beams was essential to separating them as their own element from the siding. We chose white for the eaves to accomplish two things. First, it made the roof feel lighter and gives the sense as if the roof is “floating.” And two, since our interior ceilings are white, the white roof line and eaves also created a good indoor/outdoor flow — a critical theme in modern architecture. Seriously, research was our best friend in trying to achieve the look we were wanting! I tell you, part of being an adult is just Googling things! ;)




Front Door Paint

A hallmark for mid-century modern homes is often a pop of color on the front door that creates a focal point at the entry of the home. We had talked about what color we would paint our front door before we even bought our mid-century modern home! The door had been painted a drab tan color that fit with the rest of the sad paint on our exterior. We played around with a couple different colors, including pink. Believe it or not, I felt like pink was too cheesy for our home. It works for our Airbnb, but I personally didn’t love it for our mid-century modern home. Turquoise is a classic mid-century modern color, and we knew it would work well for our door so went with Behr’s Tahitian Breeze as our official front door paint color. I’m so in love with how it turned out and so happy we decided on a pop of color!



Easy House Painting – Tip #1

Our exterior was in serious need of some TLC, so the first step we had to take was cleaning everything up with a power washer. Andy used the power washer to remove any dirt/cobwebs that had settled on our home’s exterior. It also helped in removing some of the loose paint chips. However, if you have, or are renting a power washer with a lot of power, be careful not to gouge your home’s exterior wood and siding. This is a crucial step in creating the perfect base for your new paint!



DIY Exterior Paint Prep

The next tips Andy has for you are scraping, sanding, and caulking. Andy spent more time scraping off old loose paint than he did actually painting the house, but your paint job is only as good as the surface you are painting! He used a heavy-duty scraper and also a wire brush for the harder to get places like the grooves on the siding. He also made sure to sand out any rough transitions from the old paint to the raw siding to make sure our paint finish would be nice and smooth. The last step he took before painting was to make sure to go around the whole exterior and fill cracks, crevices, and holes with a good exterior grade caulk.


Priming and Painting

Now that you have the perfect base, it’s time to get started! Generally, it is smart to prime only bare wood, but we ended up priming our home’s entire exterior because of the sheer nature of the outside of our house. Primer creates a good seal and also a nice layer for paint to adhere to. This will ensure that your paint will last for much longer and withstand whatever elements you live in. I know it can be daunting to prime your whole house and then paint it as well, but you’ll totally thank me when your exterior looks like a million bucks! ;)


Tips for Exterior Painting

It’s finally time to start painting that exterior! We used Behr’s Marquee paint, which was amazing, and the coverage was a breeze. We only had to use one coat! Talk about a time-saver. ;) Marquee is Behr’s most advanced paint and primer and offers great hide and stain blocking coverage. We used a sprayer for the eaves (which made things a lot easier), a roller for the siding, and brushes for the trim and beams. I’m so happy with how everything turned out and so excited that the outside of our home is finally in sync with the inside!




DIY Exterior Painting

The exterior house paint makeover was one of my favorite parts about fixing up our home! I would love to hear if you guys take on the exterior painting of your own homes! Let me know in the comments if you guys have other tips, or questions about your own exterior home painting projects. Are you ready to get on the home painting train?!
Disclosure: This post was sponsored by BEHR and all opinions are my own.

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