The Most Perfect Personalized Mother’s Day Gift

This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Make this Mother’s Day with a personalized gift that says it all.

Who else is OBSESSED with photo books?! I’ve always been one of those girls who was a regular at the scrapbooking store – during my whole childhood and teenage years. I vividly remember accidentally spilling confetti (one too many times) out of the drawers and wasn’t allowed to touch those drawers for a while – not kidding! ;)


Now-a-days, I alternate between developing ALL of my photos of everything under the sun and creating a photo book every year that highlights ALL my favorite moments at a glance. I like to do these for the BIG milestones like weddings, kid’s birthdays, my baby shower, holidays, etc. Mother’s Day is the perfect time of year for this because photo books make such great gifts for grandmas, right? I can remember the very first photo book I ever made like it was yesterday. It was when Charlie turned 1 year old, and I wanted to highlight all of my favorite moments throughout the year. The funny thing was that I did that when this blog was only 6 months old and used Shutterfly. At that time, we were not in the phase of business to do sponsored posts as I was just growing this blog. This is how far Shutterfly and I go back! ;)

So funny to fast forward 6 1/2 years later, and here I am making my gazillionth book with Shutterfly, but this time I am making a book re-capping Claire’s first year. Actually, I did a little more than Claire’s first year. Here’s the thing, I just couldn’t squeeze the time in to make this book at 12 months, so I dragged it out a few months later. This sort of worked out in my favor as we’ve had so many more photoshoots and captured so many moments that I am over the moon to include. The timing was also so perfect as I was able to order two copies and use one for my mom’s Mother’s Day gift.

Confession: if it wasn’t for Shutterfly’s NEW Make My Book Service, I probably would have waited another 6 months as photo books take me on average 10-16 hours to create – hello “type-a super organized girl” in me! ;) If you haven’t heard of this new feature, you MUST know about this!!!! Shutterfly’s new Make My Book Service has their Shutterfly designers create custom photo books for you. I am not kidding! All you have to do is upload your photos, select the theme of your book, and THEIR Designers work their magic for you. If you’re like me these days and feel constantly short on time and don’t know where to start, you’re going to want to look into this. Talk about the perfect Mother’s Day gift in just a few clicks!! Did I mention it’s only $9.99 and the book price?

So last week I went through ALL my photos of Claire. I had quite a few – from photoshoots for BFFF and ALL my iPhone photos (we’re talking over 8,459 photos to be exact). I was able to narrow it down to 300 photos and uploaded my faves to Shutterfly. Three days later, I received my photo book to review, re-capping Claire’s first year (and a bit). ;) I cannot begin to tell you how much joy this brought to my heart. From my baby shower and nursery design photoshoot, to having her at the hospital and all the other milestones ahead, this book truly shined the perfect light on the past 16 months!!


Another favorite part about the Make My Book Service is that once you review the copy from the designer, it allows you to make your own edits to the book – like customizing your own words, backgrounds, and layouts. I only had to do this for a few pages, but was amazed how easy this process is. They even have an option where it puts your images in chronological order when uploading them, so they’re in the exact order you took them in.

I am still in shock that 16 months has gone by so quickly! I am so grateful to have this book to reflect! I also can’t wait to see the look on my mom’s face when she receives her personalized Mother’s Day photo book of Claire. For now, I plan to keep my copy as a table top decor piece, but when Claire gets MUCH older (eek!) I will give it to her. But in the meantime, let’s not rush anything too much! ;)

Wishing you an amazing Mother’s Day with your family and favorite people! What are you planning to give your mothers and grandmothers this Mother’s Day?


Photography For Best Friends For Frosting By Jenn Bartell

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    1. Priyadarshini Rajendran

      Great idea, I have always been a photo junkie and who else would love our pics more than mom :)

    2. Megan Anne ❄️

      I’ve always been a photo person, and I know my mom loves photos! I may have to look into this!

    3. HostessTori

      I have about 11 years of photos on my hard drive. Between my 2 girls…..I need LOTS of help in this area!

      1. Melissa Johnson

        I don’t have THAT many years girlfriend, but I think the best way would be to create a photo book for each year. Hope this helps!! :)