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Pink and Gold Halloween Pumpkin Fondant Cakes

Can we talk about these pink and gold pumpkin mini cakes for 2 minutes?! So lately, I’ve been trying to find fun ways to infuse the BFFF brand and our mutual love for all things pink and pastel into some fun blog posts. I am sure you’re wondering if it’s even possible with Halloween content. LOL! The struggle is real. Finding this sort of balance is almost always a challenge, let me tell you! ;) When it comes to fondant, it’s REALLY not my “zone of genius.” I can do basic things like making fondant topped sugar cookies or unicorn cupcakes, but that’s pretty much as far as it goes. So with all of that being said,  I was so relieved AND excited to team up with my local friend Mui Sweets + Creations again to make these mini pink and gold pumpkin cakes.

When Mui dropped off the cakes at our photoshoot, you should have heard the excitement! Clearly we’re in the Halloween spirit over here. ;) And can we talk about flavor???!

One reason why I love collaborating with Mui is because she’s based in Sacramento, and I can actually eat her desserts (which I could easily do ALL day). I love being able to photograph these in-house where we have cohesive studio lighting, and of course, have first-hand tasting access to talk about flavor palettes with you guys. OMG is “first-hand tasting access” even a thing, or did I just make that up?! Hang on, I am totally googling that. Okay, I am back. Definitely just made that one up. LOL.

These are officially the prettiest pumpkins I’ve ever seen! Best of all? They’re pumpkin spice flavored. These were the most moist and flavorful pumpkin spice cakes I have ever had the pleasure of eating. And this is coming from a straight up pumpkin spice fanatic! ;) I even have a shirt that says “Pumpkin Spice Everything.”

Who ever thought Halloween could be so chic?! ;)

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