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Here at Best Friends For Frosting we love bright and chic stationary! We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with Rebecca Ashby of The Pink Orange Stationery. From creating stunning wedding invitations to working with some of the biggest celebs, Rebecca has made a very successful and prominent name for herself in the stationary industry! Read on her work and future hopes in this exclusive office tour and interview photographed by Jill Richardson Photography :


How did you come about your love for stationery?

I’ve always had a passion for stationery and pretty things in my life. As a young girl I would spend my allowance on crayons, paper, and stickers at my local Hallmark store. It is safe to say that I was addicted at a very young age. Once I graduated college and was in search of my forever dream job. I didn’t truly realize my love for stationary until I had worked in a few different areas of design. I had been working as the creative director of a web development firm and I longed for dimension, paper, and sketching again. I was engaged to marry my sweet husband and dove right into the wedding and all of the details that I could sink my teeth into designing. I fell in love with the wedding industry and found that using my interior design and fine arts degrees, alongside of my graphic design degree, really helped to amplify and add an edge to what I was already doing.

chic-white-and-gold-office pink-orange-stationary

What has been your favorite set of stationery you’ve created?

This is a tough question. It is so hard to pick a favorite. I would have to say though, a wedding invitation suite that had a custom envelope that looked like a box with a gorgeous custom folder made from wood textured paper. This suite is definitely in a close tie with a project that just went out to guests where I designed custom wine labels that were amazing and creative as well.

champagne-goldYou can't be afraid to call yourself successful. - Rebecca Ashby office-style pink-orange-office

You’ve been so lucky to work with famous celebs such as Trey Songz and Lady Antebellum, how do feel about being so successful? Do you ever have to pinch yourself to remind you it’s real?

I have been so blessed by the clients I have worked with and the connections I have made. I do pinch myself daily and thank God every day. I’ve worked so hard with such focus and determination. You can’t be afraid to call yourself successful.


Who would be your dream client?

Hands down, Sarah Jessica Parker. I have been a fan of hers from way back before Carrie Bradshaw. I just adore her low-key personality and her sense of style. (I think we would be good friends if we ever met!)

wooden-stir-sticks office-chic

What do you look for in a good piece of stationery?

Strong typography and quality materials.

pink-and-gold wedding-decor

What current trends do you see happening lately in the stationery world?

There are some really great trends happening in the stationery world. In the wedding industry, the use of extra ordinary materials (such as wood and leather), unique methods of design, and production are becoming more popular. Things like laser cutting and mixing print styles like watercolor and foil seem to also be a great trend. It is all about layering, texture, and dimension.

In the world of social stationery, there is a really big phenomenal push to bring back the written note. Paper isn’t going anywhere and it keeps getting better and better. There seem to be lots of foil (watch out for a nice amount of rose gold foil), colored papers, and unique shapes.

green-statement-necklaceIt's so important to infuse your style into your work! - Rebecca

What is your personal style like? Does your work typically reflect that?

Classic with a bit of rock and roll. It’s so important to infuse your style into your work! I love taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary with a fun detail or embellishment.


Do you have any exciting new stationery lines coming up we should look forward to?

I do! I can’t give away all of the details now, but the home office line is expanding with some really fun additions that I think your readers will be smitten with.

Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Jill Richardson Photography


  1. I would really like to know where I can get that cube shelf with the little drawers it’s so pretty I want to use it in my make up room.

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