Pink Pastel Ombre Cake

This Ombre Fluffy White Cake in Pink Pastels recipe comes from My Fudo and is sure to make its way to the top of your “I wanna bake that!” list. My Fudo makes this complex cake look super easy with step-by-step directions on the cake and icing as well as helpful tips and tricks in the beginning of the post. I can just imagine this beauty on a bridal shower dessert bar or as a special birthday surprise. How about using it as a satellite cake for an ombre wedding desserts table? How would you use this awesome ombre creation?

Read more: Ombre Fluffy White Cake in Pink Pastels Recipe 

Photo by: My Fudo

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    7. Sijo

      I have been trying to check this Ombre cake from MyFudo.come site using the link in your page, but they have removed it. If you have the recipe for cake & frosting, Can you please share that to me?

      Thanks so much!

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